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Reasons For Excessive Fuel Consumption Of Volvo Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 14, 2022

The fuel consumption of Volvo diesel generator sets has always been a concern of users. The fuel consumption of Volvo diesel generator sets is not absolute. It is also related to the fuel consumption rate and power load of diesel generator sets. However, sometimes users find that the fuel consumption of Volvo diesel generator sets is significantly high. What is the reason for this? Follow the generator manufacturer Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. to learn about it.


1. Due to poor atomization of fuel injector of Volvo diesel generator set, the better the spray is, the thinner the nozzle is, the more fuel is saved. However, if the fuel injection nozzle is worn and the sealing is not good, and the fuel injection is linear, it will be found that there is obviously more fuel than when atomizing. When the diesel enters the engine without burning, the fuel consumption will increase.


2. The pressure inside the high-pressure oil pump of Volvo diesel generator set is insufficient. Generally, the better the sealing is, the greater the pressure is, the more fuel is saved. When the pressure of the oil pump is low and the sealing is not good, the effective stroke of the high-pressure oil pump will become larger, which will lead to insufficient diesel combustion and large fuel consumption.


3. The air leakage of the booster pipe of Volvo diesel generator set causes the air pressure pushed into the high-pressure oil pump to be too low during the exhaust gas recirculation. When the accelerator is increased, the oil pump cannot reach the oil required by the engine, resulting in insufficient engine power. If the power is insufficient, the fuel consumption will be high.

diesel engine


4. If the internal cylinder pressure of Volvo diesel generator set engine is low and the valve seal is poor, the gas leakage will result in large fuel consumption. The water temperature in the diesel engine is too high, which reduces the compression ratio of the engine. Some diesel is discharged through high temperature, resulting in high fuel consumption.


From the above reason analysis, we can easily see that the excessive fuel consumption of Volvo diesel generator sets is mostly caused by certain faults of the diesel generator sets themselves. Therefore, as long as we pay more attention to the working conditions of the generator sets carefully when using the generators and deal with the faults immediately, we can effectively reduce unnecessary losses.


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