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Reasons for Cylinder Gaskets Burning of Volvo Diesel Generators

Aug. 11, 2023

Have you considered the reason for the burning of the cylinder gasket of Volvo diesel generators? Due to the rough and noisy operation of Volvo diesel generators, as well as the difficulty in detecting slight burning of the cylinder gasket, the replacement of the cylinder gasket is not timely (or repeatedly burned), resulting in deformation of the cylinder sleeve, damage to the sealing water stop ring, and the impact of high-temperature and high-pressure gas on the beam between the cylinder head and cylinder block, leading to serious erosion and grooves, making maintenance difficult and the phenomenon of scrapping of parts more common. Especially for imported engines with high compression ratio, high compression ratio, and high turbocharging, it seriously affects the economic and reliability of Volvo diesel generators.

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This article analyzes the phenomenon of cylinder gasket burning in Volvo diesel generators, introduces the judgment method for cylinder gasket burning and measures to extend its service life. Firstly, the characteristics, phenomena, and judgments of cylinder gasket burning are presented. If the adjacent two cylinder beams are burned, the power of the Volvo diesel generator suddenly decreases and the speed significantly decreases during operation; The body trembles severely and there is slight injustice in the exhaust pipe; Volvo diesel generators have difficulty starting after stalling or are extremely unstable at idle speed. Run the engine at a slightly higher idle speed, and then remove the high-pressure oil pipes of the adjacent two cylinders for testing. If there is no significant change in engine speed and vibration at this time. If the sound of the exhaust pipe firing significantly weakens or disappears, it can be preliminarily judged that the cylinder pads at the adjacent two cylinder beams are burned. To further determine its accuracy, remove the fuel injectors from the adjacent two cylinders, insert a plastic hose into the injector hole, and then take a puff of smoke. Blow it vigorously into the cylinder along the hose. If smoke is emitted from the other injector hole, it indicates that the adjacent cylinder gaskets are severely burned.

Perhaps there is a burning between the cylinder port and the cooling water channel, and when the Volvo diesel generator is running, the water temperature suddenly rises, the speed is dull, the power drops, and the cooling water consumption is too fast; There is water vapor discharged from the exhaust pipe, especially during idle operation when the exhaust gas is light yellow; The oil level in the crankcase rises, causing serious emulsification of lubricating oil; There are traces of rust at the radiator water inlet. If the burn is severe, a large amount of cooling water will enter the cylinder, causing the engine surface to fail to start. Perhaps fill the radiator with water, start the Volvo diesel generator, and suddenly accelerate. Observe the heat dissipation water inlet. If there are water bubbles or cooling water flowing out at this time, it indicates that the cylinder base is burnt. To further determine the burnt area, the engine intake pipe can be removed, the Volvo diesel generator can be started, and the air inlet of each cylinder can be blocked with cotton yarn and other materials for acceleration testing. If the phenomenon of water bubbles or cooling water leakage at the water inlet of the heat exchanger weakens or disappears while accelerating, it indicates that the cylinder is thermally burned.

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