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Reasons for Abnormal Oil Level of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 20, 2021

Why do you think the oil level of Cummins diesel generator set is abnormal? As the oil temperature rises, the oil level is higher than the oil level, so even if the oil level reaches its peak, the oil level may not be visible. ITO power believes that the reason for the high oil level is that the abnormal operation of the transformer cooler causes the transformer oil temperature to rise, and the oil rises due to thermal expansion. If you put a refueling transformer, put more oil. If the ambient temperature rises significantly, the oil level will be too high. Due to the abnormal operation of the cooler, if the oil level is too high, you should check whether the surface of the cooler is blocked by dust, whether the upper and lower valves of the oil pipe are open, whether the pipe is blocked, whether the fan and submersible pump are working normally, and whether the temperature of the cooling medium is appropriate flow. If the oil level is too high, please drain to an appropriate height.

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The oil level of the low-level transformer is obviously lower than the oil level equivalent to the oil temperature at that time. When the oil level is low or invisible, please judge that the oil level is too low. The reason for the low oil level may be oil spilled from the transformer. The position of the crude oil of the transformer is not high, the transformer load drops sharply or the external environment temperature drops significantly, the oil level is too low, the transformer oil with strong oil cooling flows into the cooler for a long time, and the oil level is too low. Too low oil level will cause mild gas protection behavior, if it is a floating relay, it will cause heavy gas protection to trip. Obviously insufficient oil will expose the transformer core and coil to the air, which will be easily damp, and will also cause insulation damage (insulation).

Therefore, the oil level of the transformer is too low or has dropped significantly, please replenish the normal oil level as soon as possible. Due to a major oil leak, the oil price has dropped significantly. It is forbidden to change the gas protection layer from a trip to a signal to eliminate the oil leak and normally shut down the fuel prestige. When a large amount of oil spills, the oil level drops below the gas relay or continues to drop, please stop the transformer immediately. Fake oil level Non-capsule sealed tank oil standard pipeline blockage, ventilator blockage, and explosion-proof tube exhaust hole blockage may cause false oil level. There is a certain amount of air in the capsule sealed tank, the capsule is blocked, breathing is not smooth, and the capsule installation position is unreasonable. A ruptured capsule pocket can cause fake milk. When processing, please remove the protection of heavy gas first.

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