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Reasonable Management of Generator Set Maintenance

Jul. 04, 2022

Generally speaking, the generator set is used as a backup power source and will play an important role in the time of power outage. In fact, most of the generator sets are usually in a standby state, and there is not much actual use time. Unless it is used on the construction site that requires continuous operation, it will continue to operate, but the continuous operation time is also limited.

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As mentioned earlier, many companies lack relatively complete inspection and maintenance methods because they are not used for a long time. However, emergency backup power equipment such as generators is indispensable and can play an important role in critical moments. How to ensure that the generator set can be powered on in time and operate safely and reliably in an emergency on the premise that it is usually turned on less frequently, and it can be shut down immediately after completing the emergency mission after the power outage. It is necessary to have good protection and maintenance knowledge of the generator set.

(1) Check the battery pack

As a backup power source, the generator set is not often put into use on a daily basis. The normal start of the generator set and the protection and maintenance of the battery are the key determinants. When there is a problem with the battery pack, there will be a "voltage but no current" fault. When this happens, you can hear the sound of the solenoid valve in the starter motor closing, but there is no drive shaft. There is a problem with the battery pack and it is impossible to stop the machine because the method of stopping charging the battery is selected during the test machine, resulting in a lack of battery power. At the same time, if the mechanical oil pump is driven by a belt, the pump oil volume at the rated speed is very large, but the lack of power supply of the battery pack will cause the spring plate in the shut-off valve to be unable to seal the oil from the four outlets due to the insufficient suction force of the solenoid valve during shutdown. The fuel sprayed out of the hole can not stop the machine. There is also a situation that may be overlooked. The domestic battery has a relatively short lifespan, about two years. If you forget to replace it regularly, this situation will also occur.

(2) Check the start solenoid valve

When the generator set is running, you can check when the generator set is running by looking, listening, touching and smelling. By listening when starting, take the original Cummins generator as an example, press the start button for three seconds to start. During the three-second start-up process, two clicks are normally audible. If only the first sound is heard but the second sound is not heard, it is necessary to check whether the start solenoid valve is working properly.

(3) Handle diesel oil and lubricating oil

Because the generator set is static for a long time, various materials of the generator set will undergo complex chemical and physical changes with oil, cooling water, diesel oil, air, etc., which will cause hidden but continuous damage to the generator set. We can maintain and protect the generator set from the aspects of diesel oil and lubricating oil.

Pay attention to the storage location of diesel oil for generator sets: the diesel fuel tank should be placed in a closed room, on the one hand, for the consideration of fire safety system, on the other hand, to ensure that the diesel oil will not deteriorate. Because the water vapor in the air will be condensed due to the change of temperature, the water droplets gathered together after condensation will be attached to the inner wall of the fuel tank. If it flows into the diesel oil, it will cause the diesel oil to exceed the water content, and the diesel with excessive water content will enter the diesel engine. The high-pressure oil pump will gradually corrode the components in the unit. This corrosion will have a major impact on the function of the precision coupling, and if the impact is serious, the entire unit will be damaged.

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