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Professional Analysis of Generator Camshaft Abnormal Noise

Mar. 27, 2023

We all know that a generator is actually a mechanical device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. However, sometimes incorrect use of power generation opportunities can cause harm to the generator, and sometimes even cause abnormal camshaft noise. Sometimes when the generator is running at medium speed, a heavy noise is emitted from the camshaft side of the cylinder block, and the noise is chaotic at high speed; When the single cylinder cuts off oil, the sound remains unchanged; There is vibration near the camshaft bearings. So how can we solve the abnormal noise of the generator camshaft? Next, let's analyze Starlight Dynamics for everyone.

diesel standby generator

Reasons for abnormal noise of generator cam:

1. The fit clearance between camshaft bearing and journal is too large and loose;

2. Camshaft bearings are loose or the bearing alloy is ablated, peeled off, or excessively worn;

3. Excessive camshaft end play or bent camshaft.

Solution to abnormal cam noise:

1. Using a stethoscope to auscultate the diesel engine on the cylinder at the loudest rotational speed, if the sound is strong and accompanied by vibration, it can be diagnosed as a bearing noise at that location.

2. The sound of the fuel cut-off test does not change, and the throttle can be slowly changed. If the idle sound is clear, the sound is obvious at medium speed, and the sound becomes weak from clutter at high speed, it can be diagnosed as excessive camshaft axial clearance or loose bearings.

It can be seen from this that when we encounter the problem of abnormal cam noise of the generator, we should first recall the causes of abnormal cam noise of the generator described in this article and conduct a step-by-step inspection, so as to facilitate faster resolution of the abnormal cam noise and reduce the damage caused by cam faults to the generator.

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