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Principles Of Diesel Generator Set Internal Combustion Engine Disassembly

Feb. 02, 2023

The general principles of diesel generator set internal combustion engine disassembly are as follows: first, the fuel oil (diesel or gasoline), engine oil and cooling water should be drained. Secondly, we should adhere to the principle of first exterior and then interior, first accessories and then main body, first connecting parts and then parts, and then assembly and parts. What are the precautions for disassembly?


① It must be carried out when the machine is completely cooled. Otherwise, due to the influence of thermal stress, the cylinder block, cylinder head and other mechanical parts will be permanently deformed, which will affect the performance of internal combustion engine.


② When disassembling the cylinder head, connecting rod bearing cover, main bearing cover and other parts, the bolts or nuts must be loosened symmetrically and evenly in 2-3 times in a certain order. It is not allowed to loosen the nuts or bolts on the other side after loosening one side, otherwise, the parts will be deformed due to uneven stress on the parts, and some will even be damaged due to cracks.


③ Carefully check the marks. Mark the parts such as timing gear, piston, connecting rod, bearing shell, valve and relevant adjusting gasket with marks, and mark the parts without marks. The mark shall be marked on the non-working surface that is easy to see, without damaging the assembly reference plane, so as to maintain the original assembly relationship of the machine as far as possible. Some parts, such as the connectors of the wires on the internal combustion engine and generator, can be marked with paint, nicks and tags.


diesel generator set

④ Do not knock hard when disassembling, and use various tools correctly, especially special tools. For example, the piston ring loading and unloading pliers should be used as far as possible when removing the piston ring. The spark plug sleeve should be used to remove the spark plug, and the force should not be too strong, otherwise it is easy to hurt your hand and damage the spark plug.


When disassembling threaded connections, various wrenches and drivers must be used correctly. The nuts and bolts are often damaged due to incorrect use of wrenches and drivers. For example, when the width of the wrench opening is larger than that of the nut, it is easy to make the edges and corners of the nut round. The thickness of the screwdriver head is inconsistent with the groove of the screw head, which is easy to damage the groove edge. When using a wrench and screwdriver, the tool starts to rotate without properly placing it in the nut or groove, which will also cause the above problems. When the screw is rusty or too tight to be disassembled, the use of a long force bar will cause the screw to break. Because the screw or nut is not understood or unskilled when disassembling, the screw or nut will also break if the direction is reversed.


At present, according to the different power consumption and various specific conditions, some units use diesel generator sets, and some units use gasoline generator sets. Although various machines have their own particularity in structure, their disassembly methods are basically similar.


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