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Primary and Secondary Frequency Regulation of Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 27, 2023

What is the difference between primary frequency regulation and secondary frequency regulation of diesel generator sets? The primary frequency modulation is to participate in the power grid cycle adjustment with certain amplitude limiting and dead zone, and the secondary frequency modulation is to accept the command of middle note or manual command. The primary frequency regulation is carried out by the governor device, and the small frequency regulation range belongs to fine tuning. The secondary frequency modulation is performed by a frequency modulator. The large frequency modulation range belongs to coarse tuning, primary frequency modulation. When each diesel generator set is connected to the grid for operation, the frequency of the grid changes due to external load changes. At this time, the regulating system of each diesel generator unit participates in the regulation function, changing the load carried by each diesel generator unit to balance it with external loads.

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At the same time, efforts are also made to reduce changes in the frequency of the power grid, which is known as primary frequency regulation. Secondary frequency regulation and primary frequency regulation are differential adjustments that do not maintain the frequency of the power grid, but can only mitigate the degree of change in the frequency of the power grid. So it is also necessary to use synchronizers to increase or decrease the load of certain units to restore the frequency of the power grid, which is called secondary frequency regulation. Only after secondary frequency regulation can the grid frequency accurately maintain a constant value.

There are currently two methods for secondary frequency regulation, with the dispatch center ordering each factory to adjust its load. The diesel generator set adopts AGC mode to achieve automatic load dispatch of the diesel generator set. Simply put, primary frequency regulation refers to the automatic adjustment of the diesel generator unit load by the turbine speed control system based on changes in grid frequency to restore grid frequency. Secondary frequency regulation refers to the manual adjustment of unit load based on grid frequency.

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