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Precautions When Disassembling Volvo Diesel Generators

Jun. 02, 2022

Today we will briefly introduce the precautions when disassembling Volvo diesel generators.

It must be carried out under the condition that the equipment is completely cooled. Otherwise, due to the harm of internal stress, the cylinder liner, cylinder head and other parts may be permanently deformed, resulting in damage to various characteristics of the gas turbine. When disassembling the cylinder head, connecting rod bearing cap, main rolling bearing cap and other parts, the loosening of the anchor bolts or nuts must be disassembled symmetrically and evenly in 2~3 times in a certain order. It is absolutely not allowed to loosen the nuts or anchor bolts on one side and then loosen the other side. Otherwise, the parts will be deformed due to the uneven bearing force of the parts, and some may even be damaged by cracks.

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Do a good job in the verification mark work. For timing gears, piston rods, crankshafts, piston pins, cylinders and their related adjusting washers and other parts, record those with marks, and mark those without marks.

Marks should be placed on a non-working surface that is easy to see, without damaging the installation reference point, so as to maintain the original installation relationship of the equipment as much as possible. Some parts, such as the connections for the various power lines on the gas turbine and Volvo diesel generators, can be modeled with paint, scribe lines and listings.

When disassembling, do not knock violently, and use various special tools properly, especially common tools. For example, engine piston loading and unloading pliers should be used as much as possible when disassembling the engine piston, and the automobile spark plug sleeve specification should be used to disassemble the car spark plug, and the force should not be too strong. Otherwise, it is very easy to hurt your own hands, and it is very easy to damage the spark plugs of the car.

When disassembling flanged joints, be sure to properly use various wrenches and bits, usually the nuts and anchor bolts are damaged due to the wrong application of the spanners and bits. For example, when the total width of the opening of the wrench is larger than that of the nut, it is easy to round the corners of the nut. The thickness of the screwdriver head does not match the concave groove of the screw head, which is easy to damage the edge of the concave groove. The above problems can also be caused by gradually turning the wrench and screwdriver without properly placing the special tool in the nut or recessed groove. Because the screw is rusted or overtightened and it is not easy to remove, choosing a sideshift rod that is too long will cause the screw to break. Because the front and back buckles of the screw or nut are not understood or the disassembly is not skillful, the screw or nut will also break if the direction is reversed.

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