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Precautions for Power Factor Adjustment of Diesel Generators

Sep. 27, 2023

What do you think should be paid attention to when adjusting the power factor of diesel generators? Firstly, according to the power rate assessment requirements of the power supply department, secondly, it should not exceed the allowable rotor current, thirdly, the stator current should not exceed, and fourthly, if you want to reduce reactive power, reduce the excitation current and pay attention to the generator not entering the phase and not oscillating. For single machine generators, there is no problem of adjusting the power factor, as the prerequisite is to maintain an appropriate stable voltage of the generator. The power factor of a typical generator is between 0.8 (lagging) and 1, and you can adjust it within this range. Generally, the generator will not operate in phase.

generator maintenance

Additionally, set the power factor according to your scheduling requirements. What do the active power, reactive power, and power factor of a generator mean? To put it more simply, there are three types of power: active power P, reactive power Q, and apparent power S. Phase difference between voltage and current( Φ) The cosine of is called the power factor, denoted by the symbol cos Φ In numerical terms, the power factor is the ratio of active power to apparent power, i.e. cos Φ= P/S.

Three types of power and power factor cos Φ It is a right angled power triangle relationship: the two right angled edges represent active power and reactive power, while the diagonal edges represent apparent power. Square of active power+square of reactive power=square of apparent power. In three-phase loads, these three types of power always exist simultaneously, and the electricity generated by the engine must include these three types of power: apparent power S=1.732UI, active power P=1.732UIcos Φ (Power generated by doing work and heating), reactive power Q=1.732UIsin Φ (Establish the power of magnetic field to transport energy), power factor cos Φ= P/S (active power/apparent power), sin Φ= Q/S (reactive power/apparent power).

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