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Precautions for Diesel Generator Set During Operation

Oct. 09, 2021

What do you think should be paid attention to when diesel generator sets in operation? In the case of lack of cooling water or excessively high cooling water or oil temperature, the lack of cooling water in diesel generator sets will reduce its cooling effect. Diesel generator sets are not effective due to lack of cooling water. If the temperature of the cooling water and engine oil is too high, it will also cause the diesel engine to overheat. At this time, the main heat load of the cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston assembly and valve is large.

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Its mechanical properties such as strength and toughness drop sharply, which increases the deformation of the parts, reduces the matching gap between the parts, and accelerates the wear of the parts. In severe cases, cracks and jamming of the parts may occur. Excessively high cooling water and oil temperature of diesel generator sets will accelerate oil aging and burn, and the viscosity of the oil will drop, the smooth conditions of the sleeve cylinders, pistons and the main friction pairs will deteriorate, resulting in abnormal wear. Overheating of the diesel generator set will also worsen the extinguishing process of the diesel engine, causing the injector to work abnormally, poor atomization, and increased carbon deposits.

When the diesel generator set enters full-speed operation and the voltage and frequency of the diesel generator set are normal and stable, the operator can turn on the power generation air switch. During the operation of the diesel generator set, the operator should also observe whether the generator set is operating normally, whether the indicator on the control panel is in the position of the party, whether there is a pre-alarm indicator on the control panel, the fuel level of the fuel tank and other operating parameters, and regularly generate electricity on the diesel The operating parameters of the unit are recorded.

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