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Precautions During Diesel Engine Operation

Nov. 05, 2022

Precautions during diesel engine operation:


1. Always pay attention to whether the oil pressure and coolant temperature are correct. In case of any abnormality, stop the machine for inspection.


Oil pressure:

At idle speed (minimum allowable) 250kPa.

450-550kPa (minimum allowable) when calibrating the speed.

At the calibrated speed (maximum allowable) 600kPa.


Coolant temperature:

The normal working time of diesel engine is 074-90 ° C.


diesel engine

2. If the diesel engine temperature is too high (alarm of water temperature alarm), reduce the speed or load or both at the same time until the diesel engine temperature returns to the normal operating range.


3. During operation, especially during sudden load reduction, attention shall be paid to prevent the sudden increase of the diesel engine speed beyond the specified value (commonly known as runaway) due to the failure of the fuel injection pump governor. In case of such a situation, emergency shutdown measures shall be taken quickly first, and then the causes shall be found out.


Note: The overspeed operation of the diesel engine will cause serious damage.


4. The continuous working time of the maximum power shall not exceed 1 hour. After operation, it shall be switched to a lower load for more than 30 minutes. The total speed of the maximum power shall not exceed 10% of the specified overhaul period.


5. When operating at the empty position, the speed of the diesel engine should not exceed the minimum no-load stable speed, and the continuous operation time of the empty vehicle should not exceed 1 hour.


6. During continuous operation under low load (below 30%), it shall not exceed 1 hour, and the contents of the cylinder are easy to deposit carbon and cause poor combustion. In addition, after about one hour of low load operation, apply more than 30% load for more than 5 minutes to prevent carbon deposition.


7. Except for emergency, the speed (or load) of diesel engine shall not be increased or decreased suddenly, and the speed (or load) shall be increased or decreased slowly and gently.


There are obvious signs before most diesel engine faults occur. By listening to the changes in the sound of the diesel engine and observing the changes in the performance and appearance of the diesel engine, it can be known in advance that the diesel engine needs maintenance or repair, which should be carried out in a timely manner, otherwise serious faults will occur.


Typical symptoms before diesel engine failure:

The diesel engine stalls.

Abnormal vibration of diesel engine.

The sound of the diesel engine is abnormal.

The coolant temperature and oil pressure of the diesel engine suddenly change.

The diesel engine emits black smoke.

Insufficient power.

Fuel consumption increases.

Fuel consumption increases.

Three leaks (oil, fuel and coolant leaks).


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