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Power Failure Maintenance of Diesel Generator Distribution Cabinet

Jul. 05, 2023

Inform the customer of the start and end time of the power failure one day before the power failure maintenance of the diesel generator distribution cabinet. Make all preparations before the power failure, especially the preparation of diesel generator tools. Strive for unified actions and reasonable division of labor and collaboration among personnel participating in maintenance work, in order to efficiently complete the work. Disconnect the automatic air switch of the diesel generator, place the diesel generator selector switch at the "stop" position, disconnect the positive and negative battery wires, and hang a warning sign to prevent the diesel generator from sending power. Disconnect the air switch at the low voltage side step by step, and then disconnect the load switch at the high voltage side of the transformer of the diesel generator.

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After confirming the disconnection position, close the grounding switch, then lock the high-voltage cabinet with a lock, and hang a sign saying "No Switching On". Check whether the bus joint of diesel generator is deformed or blackened by discharge. Tighten the connecting bolts. If the bolts are rusted, replace them to ensure that the diesel generator joint is tightly connected. Check whether the insulator on the bus of the diesel generator is loose or damaged, shake the main air switch out of the power distribution cabinet with a handle, and check whether the main contact of the diesel generator is burned. Check whether the arc extinguishing chamber of the diesel generator is burnt black and damaged, fasten the wiring screws, clean the dust in the cabinet, and test the closing and opening of the machine.

Take each separate closed cabinet out of the drawer cabinet, check and fasten the wiring terminals of diesel generator current transformer, ammeter and electricity meter. Check the flexibility and reliability of the handle operating mechanism of the diesel generator, fasten the incoming and outgoing lines of the air switch, and clean the dust in the switch cabinet and at the outgoing lines behind the distribution cabinet. When maintaining the capacitor cabinet, first disconnect the main switch of the capacitor cabinet of the diesel generator, discharge the capacitors one by one with wires, then check and tighten the connection screws of the contactor, reactor and capacitor, check whether the grounding device is in good condition, check whether the capacitor of the diesel generator has swelling, and clean the dust in the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner.

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