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Prevent The Diesel Generator Set Ring from Slipping Out or Breaking

Jul. 22, 2021

Put the compressor end of the diesel generator set's middle casing up, insert the spring snap ring of the diesel generator set into the inner ring groove of the bearing hole of the compressor end, and then put the oil floating bearing, and install a spring on the diesel generator set thrust ring Snap ring. When installing the floating bearing, one end of the fuel tank side upwards, each time the spring snap ring is loaded. Check whether the snap ring of the diesel generator set is completely inserted into the ring groove, put the turbine end of the diesel generator set intermediate casing up, and put the spring snap ring, floating bearing and thrust ring of the diesel generator set into the bearing hole of the turbine end. Pay attention to the upper end of the side oil groove.

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Two thin travellers are wrapped around the fingers, the two elastic sealing rings are opened, and they are inserted into the sealing ring groove of the steam turbine rotor shaft. When installing two elastic sealing rings on the rotor shaft of a diesel generator set steam turbine, the opening positions should be staggered by 180 degrees, and then apply clean oil on the sealing rings, and carefully insert the rotor into the middle casing. In order to prevent the diesel generator ring from slipping out or breaking from one side, the elastic sealing ring should be located in the middle relative to the rotor shaft and rely on the middle shell seat. The cone on the hole is used as a guide. Hold the turbine impeller installed in the intermediate casing by hand, and clamp the hexagonal shoulder at the outlet of the turbine impeller of the diesel generator set on the vise.

Care should be taken to prevent the rotor shaft of the steam turbine from slipping out of the middle shell. Put the thrust bush and diaphragm of the diesel generator set on the shaft, and then apply clean oil on the thrust bearing. Note that the oil inlet hole above the bearing plane of the thrust diesel generator set should face downward toward the oil inlet hole on the middle shell, then put on the stop washer, tighten the four bolts, connect the stop washer with the flange and lock the four bolts. Put another diesel generator set thrust piece on the shaft and install it on the oil baffle plate. Pay attention to the oil guide tongue on the oil baffle plate and extend it into the oil return chamber. After cleaning the oil, take the diesel generator set The shaft seal of the elastic sealing ring extends into the corresponding seat hole of the compressor end sealing plate.

Before loading, the opening positions of the two rings are staggered so that they are 180 degrees apart, and the "O"-shaped rubber sealing ring is inserted into the annular groove of the outer ring of the compressor air seal plate to facilitate pressing into the middle shell. The outer surface of the rubber sealing ring is appropriately coated with some thin oil, and then pressed into the middle casing, the compressor impeller is wrapped on the back of the centering rotor and compressor impeller dynamic balance mark. Tighten the self-locking nut until it is aligned with the dynamic balance mark on the shaft end surface, and the compressor impeller is not allowed to rotate relative to the shaft.

Remove the assembled assembly of the diesel generator set from the vise, and install it into the bladeless volute according to the original mark. Be careful not to tilt during assembly. Install the turbine end pressure plate and stop washer, and tighten the hex nut . Install the alignment mark of the compressor casing of the diesel generator set into the middle casing, insert the V-shaped clamp into the middle casing, and be careful not to skew during assembly to prevent the arc of the compressor casing from hitting the tip of the compressor impeller blade. Install the V-clamp and tighten the bolts. After injecting clean oil into the oil inlet of the middle shell, turn the impeller of the diesel generator set flexibly by hand.

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