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Operation and Maintenance of CCEC Cummins

Oct. 15, 2019

1. Engine Operation - CCEC Cummins

(1) Engine normal starting requirements

a. Starting motor runs not exceeding 30s every time, and then re-starting interval is 2 min.

b. The lubricating oil pressure should reach 70 KPa within 15s after starting, otherwise, the oil level should be checked immediately.

c. After starting, idle speed 3-5min can only be added load, otherwise, the bearing bush will be in short of oil supply in an instant.

d. Idle speed can not exceed 10 minutes, otherwise there will be combustion chamber carbon, supercharger oil leakage and other undesirable phenomena.

e. Engine water temperature should not be less than 60, otherwise, the fuel will enter the oil and destroy lubrication.

f. Keep the engine at idle speed after starting in winter until the water thermometer pointer turns or 10min later, then it can be put into operation. While observing the water thermometer, and also pay attention to whether the oil pressure gauge meets the requirements. When using auxiliary starting fluid in winter, you must use an orifice sprayer.

(2) Basic operation requirements

a. Frequently observe the instrument during the operation of the engine:  The water temperature should be between 74 and 91, the oil pressure should be more than 70 KPa at idle speed, and the range of 276-517kPa should be above 1200r/min.

b. If the engine is overheated, the load should be reduced. After reducing the load to run for a period of time, if it is still overheated, it should be stopped to check the failure.

c. Please pay close attention to the following changes of the engine during operation, if any changes occur suddenly, it is likely to be a sign of failure, please check and repair it in time.

Engine fire extinguishing;

Vibration conditions

There is abnormal noise in the engine

Sudden change of engine working pressure and temperature

Engine exhaust smoke is too high

Engine is underpower

 Oil consumption increases

Fuel consumption increases

Fuel, oil or water leakage


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(3) Engine operating range

a. When the engine operating range is lower than the maximum torque speed, the whole throttle operation should not exceed 30s, otherwise, the overhaul life of the engine will be shortened and the engine may be seriously damaged. Cummins engine works best above the maximum torque speed point, so it is recommended to run the engine within this range.

b. In any case or environment, the engine should not exceed the maximum empty speed.

(4) Running engine in a cold environment

Special engine oil, fuel and coolant should be used when running engines in extremely cold conditions.

(5) Engine shutdown

a. Idle speed is required 3-5 min before stopping. Because the engine idle 3 to 5 minutes before each shutdown, allows oil to carry the combustion chamber, bearings and oil seals and other heat, especially the supercharger.

b. Shutdown can be achieved by cutting off the current of the solenoid valve of the fuel pump.

2. Engine Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to reduce the cost of use. A diesel engine needs to be maintained regularly according to the maintenance schedule in order to maintain efficient operation. Preventive maintenance is the easiest and most economical maintenance. It allows the maintenance department to work at the right time. Different series and models of engines, their maintenance cycle and content is slightly different, please refer to the engine maintenance manual.

A brief introduction to the maintenance period and content of Cummins N and K series engines.

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(1) A level Maintenance Inspection (Daily Inspection)

Make daily engine work and provide it to maintenance department.

Report content:

a. Whether the oil pressure is low;

b. Whether the power is sufficient;

c. Whether the temperature of cooling water or oil is abnormal;

d. Whether the engine sound is abnormal;

f. Whether coolant, fuel or oil is over consumed;

g. Whether there is leakage of coolant, fuel or oil.


Checking engine;

a. Check engine oil level

b. Check engine coolant level

Check water pump belt;

Check marine gear box;

Check engine for leakage, bruising, loosening, etc.


A level Maintenance Check (Weekly)

Repeat the daily check every week

Check air filter and inlet resistance: Clean or replace air filter element.

Release the water from air cylinder

Release the sediment from the tank


(3) B Level Maintenance Inspection

Period: 250h, 6 months or mileage is 16,000km.

When doing B level maintenance inspection every time, all the inspection items of A should be done, plus the following items:

change engine oil:

a. Start the engine to the operating temperature, then stop the engine and release the engine oil;

b. Reinstall the drain plug;

c. Check the oil gauge to "H" mark;

d. Start engine and check for oil leakage;

e. Stop for 15 minutes and check the oil level.

Change filter:

a. Full-flow oil filter

b. Bypass oil filter

c. Fuel filter

Check coolant liquid: Check engine coolant DCA concentration, replace core and add DCA4 additive when needed.

Check oil level

⑤ Clean or replace crankcase ventilator and air compressor ventilator.

Check zinc plug

(4) C Level Miantenance Inspection

Maintenance inspection period is 1500h, one year or mileage is 96,000km.

For each level C maintenance inspection, complete all level A and B inspection items, plus adjustment of injector stroke and valve clearance.

“Cold adjustment”: the engine should stop at least 4 hours at the ambient temperature to be adjusted to achieve a stable temperature;

“Heat adjustment”: the engine oil temperature above 90 shall be operated for at least 10 minutes. After reaching the normal engine oil temperature, the fuel injector and valve shall be adjusted immediately.

Cummins engine injector stroke and valve clearance must be adjusted by specially trained personnel.

(5) D Level Maintenance Inspection

Maintenance inspection period is 4500h, 2 year or mileage is 288,000km.

For each level D maintenance check, complete all level A, B and C inspection items, plus the following items:

Clean and calibrate injectors and fuel pumps.

Check, repair or replace supercharger, shock absorber and air compressor.

Repair or replace fan, pump belt tensioning wheel assembly and water pump.

(6) Seasonal Check


a. Clean the engine with steam

b. Tightening mounting bolt

c. Check crankshaft axial clearance

d. Check the plug of heat exchanger annually or as needed


a. Clean and flush the cooling system

b. Replace the hose that needed to be replaced.

c. Clean the electrical connector and check the battery.

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