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Operating Principle of the Jichai Diesel Generator Set Lubricating System

Oct. 12, 2022

The dry crankcase lubricating system of Jichai diesel generator set has an independent oil tank, which can store a large amount of lubricating oil, and the structure is simple. There is not much oil in the oil pan of the diesel generator, which can reduce the size of the oil pan. When the diesel generator is running, the oil feed pump will continuously deliver lubricating oil from the oil tank to each lubricating surface through the oil pipe. The working principle of the dry crankcase lubricating system of Jichai diesel generator set is briefly described by Starlight Power.

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In order to maintain the normal pressure in the oil pipe, a constant pressure valve is installed to control the maximum pressure in the main oil pipe by adjusting it, which is generally within (0.3~0.9) MPa, and it is used to prevent the rupture of the oil pipe caused by high pressure during low temperature startup. A filter is installed in the system to filter impurities in the lubricating oil and deliver clean lubricating oil to each friction surface. This can reduce the wear of engine components and extend the service life of lubricating oil.

In the diesel generator of Jichai, due to the continuous increase of power, the unit load of each stressed part is very high, and the lubricating oil that lubricates each friction surface is very heated and the temperature is very high. Therefore, the lubricating oil must be strongly cooled, for which the system is equipped with a lubricating oil cooler. When the diesel generator is just started, the lubricating oil temperature is low and does not need to be cooled. At this time, the lubricating oil drawn from the oil bottom can return to the oil tank through the bypass valve without passing through the cooler. According to the load of Jichai diesel generator and the temperature of lubricating oil, some can automatically control the opening or full closing of bypass valve, so as to achieve proper cooling of lubricating oil and keep the temperature of lubricating oil within a certain range.

The lubricating oil after lubricating all friction surfaces returns to the oil pan, and then the lubricating oil is pumped out to the oil tank by the oil well pump. In order to ensure sufficient oil volume when inhaling air and foam, the displacement of the oil well pump is much larger than that of the oil feed pump.

Monitoring the status of the lubrication system is extremely important to ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator. Monitoring is to observe the temperature and pressure of the lubricating oil during the normal operation of the diesel generator, and regularly check the lubricating oil level in the oil tank with an oil dipstick. When filling the oil tank, take into account that the volume of circulating lubricating oil increases due to foam, and it should not be filled up. The filling should not exceed the specified oil tank volume, generally about 70%~80% of the oil tank.

A pressure gauge M is installed in the main oil pipe to measure the pressure of lubricating oil. The pressure gauge is installed on the inspection instrument panel, which indicates the lubricating oil pressure of the main oil passage, usually the pressure entering the main bearing.

The temperature of lubricating oil is measured with thermometer T, and its sensor is usually connected to the oil return pipe.

In addition, in order to prevent dry friction between the components of Jichai diesel generator set during startup and operation, a hand pump or an electric pump is generally installed on the diesel generator set of Jichai. Before startup, lubricating oil is supplied to the friction surfaces such as the main bearing in advance, which can effectively reduce this phenomenon.

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