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Noise Reduction and Heat Dissipation of Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 19, 2023

How would you handle the relationship between noise reduction and thermal diesel generator sets? The noise reduction and heat dissipation of diesel generator sets are an inevitable contradiction. With the changes of seasons, if the noise reduction of diesel generator sets achieves the expected effect, it is necessary to prevent noise leakage as much as possible and open fewer doors and windows. But the materials used for noise reduction have the function of thermal insulation, which is not conducive to heat dissipation. The computer room must have sufficient heat dissipation and ventilation, otherwise it will affect the output power of the diesel generator set and the temperature rise of the computer room. In actual production work, there are indeed some problems with noise reduction in a large number of diesel generator rooms to some extent.

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Among them, a common problem is to achieve noise reduction in the computer room, but at the cost of ventilation, it leads to poor heat dissipation in the computer room. Especially in the hot summer, the process of almost always guiding should open the doors and windows to reduce the noise in the machine room, ensuring a well ventilated room. Generally, diesel generator manufacturers need to consider gas ventilation and ventilation when scientifically designing room noise. The heat of ventilation in the room is calculated based on the amount of air required to burn the engine unit and the amount required for ventilation. The ventilation rate is the sum of the number of rooms. This is a random change in indoor temperature due to the change in value.

Normally, the expected control amount for the ventilation unit is given at room temperature of 5 ℃ -10 ℃. Considering indoor noise, computer room ventilation should follow stricter standards, that is, control at 5 ℃ at room temperature, with the maximum amount of ventilation equipment required. Calculate the cross-sectional area of the intake and exhaust ports based on the ventilation volume and minimum air volume of the intake and exhaust silencers in the computer room. The intake and exhaust ports designed based on this can generally meet the heat dissipation requirements of the computer room. Indeed, this is a relatively high standard and the cost is high. Professional noise reduction manufacturers are required for design and construction. Many noise reduction rooms now have this problem. In order to reduce costs, the requirements for construction quality and materials were ignored, but in order to achieve noise reduction standards, the heat dissipation conditions of the computer room must be sacrificed.

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