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Noise Isolation Treatment of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 10, 2023

Do you consider doing a good job in noise insulation for Cummins diesel generator sets? The use of Cummins diesel generator sets can cause noise. Below is a detailed introduction for everyone. Cummins diesel generator room adopts soundproof windows to change the original window size to 900mm × A 1500mm soundproof window, with a core made of double-layer sealed glass and a middle air thickness of 50-90mm, not only achieves sound insulation but also meets the original lighting function of the computer room. The Cummins diesel generator room has installed soundproof doors to facilitate ash cleaning and equipment maintenance. The original wooden doors have been replaced with soundproof doors.

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The specific method is to fill in thick ultra-fine glass wool or rock wool, and wrap it with 2.5mm thick perforated aluminum plate. Reduce the noise transmitted from the computer room to the outside world, separate the duty room from the generator room by separating personnel and machines, and install soundproof windows on the walls of the duty room to facilitate observation of the operation of the Cummins diesel generator. There are entrances and exits between the computer room and the duty room, and soundproof doors are installed on the door openings to reduce the noise transmitted from the computer room to the duty room, while also facilitating operation.

The interior wall of the Cummins diesel generator room can be appropriately sound-absorbing treated. The noise reduction engineering team of Cummins diesel genset company can modify the original interior wall of the room by making a rectangular sound-absorbing plate of certain specifications from rock wool, fixing the outer cover with galvanized steel wire mesh, and arranging the sound-absorbing plate on the wall and space interface. When installing sound-absorbing panels on the wall, the lower edge should be 100mm away from the inner wall, the upper edge should be 250mm, and the height of the panels should be 3500mm. This allows for the attenuation of high-frequency sound waves, and at the same time, there is an air layer behind the sound-absorbing plate, which improves the low-frequency sound absorption coefficient.

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