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Necessity Of Choosing Automatic Unit For Aquaculture Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 19, 2022

With the rapid development of society, animal husbandry farms have gradually developed from traditional breeding scales to mechanized operations. The application of feed processing equipment, ventilation equipment, water pumps, incubators, etc. is becoming more and more common, so the demand for electricity on farms is also increasing. With the arrival of seasonal high temperature weather, the farm has also turned on the cooling spray system to run 24 hours to ensure that the temperature of the breeding environment will not be too high. In order to avoid the huge economic losses caused by the stopping of these equipments when the power is cut off, the farms are generally equipped with diesel generator sets as backup power sources. In order to ensure that the unit can quickly respond to the function of restoring power supply after a power failure, the generator manufacturer recommends that you choose an automatic diesel generator set.


1. During the breeding process, the aquaculture requires a low-noise living environment, and the power supply should be timely. Once the power failure and all equipment stop working, the phenomenon of high temperature and poor ventilation occurs, then the high temperature will cause the death of the cultured animals. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the timely power supply of the automatic generator set, with high performance and strong stability.


2. The unit can automatically detect and alarm the voltage of the starting battery. The unit will automatically delay shutdown under the following conditions: too low, too high water temperature, too low water level, overload, failure to initiate, and send out corresponding signals. When the generator set is unattended, it automatically completes the automatic start and stop of the generator set, the automatic switching between the mains and the electromechanical and the automatic monitoring of the operating status of the generator set.


diesel generator set

The automatic diesel generator set will start automatically when there is a mains power failure. The allowable number of starts is three times, and the time to connect the starter motor each time is 5~8 seconds. When a start is successful, the total time for starting and closing the power supply is not more than 10 seconds. However, if the startup fails for three times, it should issue a "startup failure" alarm and automatically exit the startup program.


The automatic shutdown function means that after the mains power supply is restored, the diesel generator set will automatically stop after idling (or empty car) for 1 to 3 minutes (adjustable). The use of diesel generators can be used to respond to sudden power failures to avoid serious losses and injuries caused by sudden power failures.


To sum up, the aquaculture is equipped with an advanced ATS control system, which enables the diesel generator set to automatically start and stop automatically when it is unattended. The automatic switching between mains and electromechanical and the automatic monitoring of the running state of the unit can greatly reduce various losses under the condition of power failure.


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