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Monthly Cleaning and Inspection of Deutz Diesel Generator in Summer

Jun. 22, 2019

Fuel filters of Deutz generator set work for 100 hours and mailboxes work for 500 hours, each cleaning once. If the filter core is found to be broken, it should be replaced in time, instead of demolishing it to adopted direct current oil supply.


Couple parts should be disassembled and inspected once when they work under normal working conditions for 500 hours. When disassembling and inspecting, make sure the place, hands, tools and cleaning oil are clean so as to avoid contamination of couple parts. In the disassembly operation, do not knock. When cleaning, do not pile up or wash with other non-accidental parts in order to avoid bruising or abrasion. When assembling, it is not allowed to change the position of assembling at will so as to achieve certain purposes that do not meet the requirements of the machine. When installing the oil valve seat and nozzle cap, tightening should be done according to the prescribed moment to ensure the assembled injector.

Deutz diesel generator


1.Clean the diesel engine with steam.

Steam cleaning is an effective way to clean dirty diesel engines or equipment. If there is no steam, the diesel engine can be cleaned with the prescribed solvent. Do not be impacted by all the power of the flushing nozzle. Protect all electrical components and wires well.


2.Check the suspension of diesel engine.

Installation bolts of diesel engines occasionally loosen, resulting in rapid wear and tear of diesel engine suspensions and brackets. Therefore, tighten all the bolts and nuts when necessary, replace the damaged suspension device, if lost, make up.


3.Check the installation of fans and belts.

Check whether the fan is firmly installed and tighten the fixing screw when necessary. Check whether the fan is swaying or the blade is bent. Check the fan and crankshaft pulley are firmly installed. Check whether the fan and pulley are loose and swaying, remove the fan to check if necessary, tighten the nut on the shaft and tighten the screw on the fan bracket after checking.


4.Check crankshaft end clearance.

There are requirements of new or overhauled crankshaft clearance for diesel engines: the end clearance of worn diesel engine can not be used if over the specified wear limit. If the diesel engine is dismantled and repaired, a new push ring should be installed. Note: The shock absorber outer ring can not be held against to pry.


The method of checking the end clearance is to pry the dry gauge pointer against the inside and front cover of the torsion damper or pulley. When the diesel engine is installed on the generator set and together with the transmission or the torsion converter, there must be an end gap.


5.Check zinc plug of heat exchanger.

Check the zinc plug of the heat exchanger and replace it if it is seriously corroded. Frequency of replacement depends on the chemical reaction of circulating raw water in exchanger of Deutz diesel generator set.

Clean the outside of the generator set and check whether there is leakage of water, air and oil. Check whether diesel oil and cooling water is enough, if not, we should add enough diesel oil and cooling water, if in a place that much dust, should check and clean air filters.


In a word, we should frequently inspect and maintain Deutz diesel generator set in summer, Deutz diesel generators work in high temperature environment for a long time, and the severe environment makes the engine heavily burdened. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance frequency.


Above is some ideas of Starlight company, hope it can help all of you to do well in monthly cleaning and inspection of Deutz diesel power generator in summer. We will provide more professional solutions in future.


Starlight Power Deutz seies diesel generator set power range is from 26kw to 660kw. Deutz generator set is with new type supercharger, has intake reflux function and can adapt to high altitude and plateau areas. Also low fuel consumption, small size, excellent performance, light weight and low noise advantages and so on, maybe it is your the best choice.


If you are interested in Deutz diesel generator set, please contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com, we will work with you to meet your requirement. 

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