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Method Of Removing Oil Seal When Diesel Generator Set Is Unsealed

Jan. 13, 2023

In order to prevent the diesel generator from rusting, when the product leaves the factory, its internal and external oil seals have been installed. Therefore, after the installation of the new unit is completed and meets the installation technical requirements, it must be unsealed before starting, otherwise it is easy to cause the unit failure.


Remove the oil seal as follows:

① Heat the diesel oil to about 50 ℃ for cleaning and removing the antirust oil outside the engine.


② Open the door cover on the engine body and fuel pump to see if there is corrosion or other abnormal phenomenon inside.


③ Turn the crankshaft manually to slowly rotate, observe the movement of the crankshaft connecting rod, fuel pump camshaft and plunger, and there should be no jamming or inflexibility. Move the speed control handle back and forth several times from low speed to high speed, and observe the movement of the rack and core sleeve should be free of jamming.


diesel generator

④ Heat the water to above 90 ℃, and then pour it in from the water jacket outlet, and flow out from the water drain switch (or water pump inlet) on the side of the cylinder block for 2 to 3 hours, and shake the crankshaft intermittently to dissolve the anti-rust oil on the piston crown, cylinder liner surface and other places.


⑤ Clean the oil pan with clean diesel oil and replace it with new engine oil of specified brand as required.


The fuel supply and speed control system, cooling and lubrication system and starting charging system shall be cleaned and inspected according to the requirements of the manual, and sufficient diesel oil and clean cooling water of the specified brand shall be added, and the battery shall be fully started, and the preparations before starting shall be made.


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