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Method Of Checking Crankshaft Crack Of Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 06, 2023

Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. reminds everyone that you need to be alert when the crankshaft has the following cracks: if the crankshaft suddenly increases in a large area, or the diesel generator set continues to experience metal sound impact, sudden power drop, etc., it is recommended that you immediately report to the generator manufacturer for inspection, and timely conduct crankshaft inspection, so as to eliminate the cracks of the crankshaft that lead to fracture. Never be careless.


The fracture of the crankshaft usually starts from the smallest crack, and most of the cracks and fractures occur in the connecting part between the head cylinder or end cylinder connecting rod journal fillet and the crank arm. During operation, the crack gradually expands and suddenly breaks when it reaches a certain level. Observing the fracture surface often reveals brown areas, which are clearly old cracks. The shiny tissue is the only trace that developed into sudden fracture later on.


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There are several methods for checking cracks in the crankshaft:

Magnetic flaw detection: Using an electromagnetic flaw detector, first magnetize the crankshaft, then sprinkle iron powder on the area to be inspected. Gently tap the crankshaft with a small hammer. If there are cracks, clear crack lines will appear in the area where the iron powder accumulates.


Hammering method: Remove oil stains from the crankshaft, soak the crankshaft in kerosene, and remove and wipe it clean. Support both ends of the crankshaft on a wooden frame and lightly tap each crankshaft arm with a small hammer. If there is a "clang, clang" metal sound, it indicates that there are no cracks. If a mute sound of "waves" is emitted, it indicates a crack. Carefully examine this area with a magnifying glass, and the area where oil stains appear or form a black line is where the crack is located.


Powder staining method: Soak the crankshaft in kerosene or diesel oil, remove and dry the surface, evenly apply a layer of talcum powder on the surface of the crankshaft, and then lightly tap the crankshaft arm with a small hammer. If there are cracks, oil stains will seep out from the inside of the cracks, causing the talc powder on the surface of the crankshaft to turn yellow brown.


In order to avoid damage to the crankshaft of the diesel generator, the requirements for the crankshaft of the diesel generator are: fatigue resistance and impact resistance. Having sufficient strength and stiffness. The surface of the journal has good wear resistance and often maintains a good lubrication state. Static balance is better than dynamic balance. No Torsional vibration can be generated within the range of operating speed. Reliable installation and axial positioning or limitation of axial displacement.


The crankshaft of diesel generator is often damaged in use. Cracks on the crankshaft cannot be ignored. The above methods can enable users to accurately check the crankshaft cracks and repair them, which is conducive to extending the service life of the unit.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. has a young and professional technical backbone team, with an average working age of more than 10 years in the generator unit industry. There are 64 sales and service departments throughout the country to provide users with a one-stop service of machine room design, equipment supply, commissioning and maintenance at any time. No matter when and where, a well-trained service team will provide you with comprehensive and considerate protection. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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