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Measures for Cylinder Gaskets Burnout of Volvo Diesel Generators

Aug. 11, 2023

What are the measures to prevent cylinder gasket burning of Volvo diesel generators? Firstly, improve the maintenance and assembly quality of Volvo diesel generators. Poor repair quality of Volvo diesel generators is the main factor causing cylinder gasket burning. When repairing Volvo diesel generators for this purpose, the following points should be taken into account: firstly, the cylinder sleeve should be correctly assembled. Before the cylinder sleeve is inserted into the cylinder, the external surface of the cylinder sleeve, the upper and lower parts of the cylinder block seat holes to the bearing shoulder should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and rust, and the trial fitting work between the cylinder sleeve and the cylinder block seat holes should be done well. During trial assembly (without installing a water stop ring), the cylinder liner should rotate flexibly in the cylinder block seat hole without jamming, and there should be no obvious gap feeling during radial shaking.

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The difference between the upper plane of the cylinder liner and the upper plane of the cylinder block, as well as the height between each cylinder liner under the same cylinder head, must meet the specified requirements. During the pressing process of the cylinder sleeve, special tools should be used to press and install, and the force should be even. It is strictly prohibited to forcefully strike the upper surface of the cylinder liner to prevent local deformation of the cylinder mouth. There is also a need to strengthen the inspection of the unevenness of the cylinder head and cylinder block. The warping and deformation of the cylinder head or the unevenness of the cylinder block do not meet the foresight requirements, which are factors that cause the cylinder gasket to burn repeatedly. Therefore, during second and third level maintenance, major repairs, and replacement of burnt cylinder gaskets, they should be inspected.

The general standard is: integral cylinder gasket. The unevenness shall not exceed 0.10mm within a length range of 300mm; Separated cylinder head, with a length range of no more than 0.15mm and a cylinder body length less than 600mm. Its unevenness is 0.05mm, and for lengths greater than 600mm, its unevenness is not more than 0.10mm. The cylinder head and cylinder block with unevenness exceeding the specified requirements should be repaired to meet the technical requirements. The height of the repaired cylinder head and cylinder sleeve above the cylinder block should meet the requirements, otherwise adjustments should be made. The correct disassembly and assembly of the cylinder head is also necessary. Whether the disassembly and assembly of the cylinder head is correct is an important guarantee for extending the service life of the defective cylinder gasket and preventing the deformation of the cylinder head.

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