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Precautionary Measures for Burning Failure of Perkins Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 10, 2023

The continuous operation of the Perkins diesel generator set will lead to the burning of the tiles, which may also occur when the diesel generator set is running short of oil. Starlight has introduced the causes of the burning of the tiles before. Next, Starlight will briefly introduce how to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Perkins generator maintenance

1. If tile burning occurs suddenly in use, it is generally a problem in use. For tile burning failure caused by the above reasons, the preventive measures are as follows:

(1) The use of lubricating oil should select the appropriate model according to the maintenance procedures, and the oil level should be checked frequently. If the oil is insufficient, it should be added in time;

(2) When starting at a low temperature, the Perkins diesel engine should not run at high speed until all friction parts are fully lubricated;

(3) Pay attention to the oil pressure gauge when the engine is working. If the oil pressure is low, remove the fault in time;

(4) Clean or replace the oil filter element frequently to prevent the oil containing metal chips and other impurities from entering the main oil passage;

(5) In normal work, we should do three things: "frequent observation, frequent inspection and frequent maintenance".

2. If tile burning occurs after repair but before work, it is a problem of repair methods, and the following preventive measures can be taken:

(1) During the assembly process, it is necessary to operate carefully, dredge the lubricating oil passage, and ensure that the journal reaches the specified finish;

(2) Find out the cause of the scraped metal chips found during the maintenance and cleaning of the filter, and clean and replace them in time;

(3) After assembly, the contact surface of the journal should reach more than 75% of the total area, and the crankshaft should rotate flexibly. If there is any contact, it should be scraped;

(4) The maintenance of the lubrication system shall meet the technical requirements. After starting, observe whether the oil pressure is normal, and conduct a test run according to the regulations. After the test run, the oil must be replaced, and the oil filter element must be cleaned or replaced;

(5) When installing the coarse filter, all sealing washers must be pressed tightly.

In addition, the poor quality of the tile itself may also cause the engine to burn the tile. Starlight reminds you that specific problems must be analyzed in the process of use, and attention should be paid to prevention during use and maintenance, so as to reduce the failure rate of the generator set.

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