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Maximum Load of Diesel Generator Set

Jun. 30, 2022

The load characteristics of diesel generator sets, which are actually the load characteristics of synchronous generators, because it is directly connected to the load. It has been explained in the working principle of the synchronous generator: after the rotor winding is fed with the DC current supplied by the tampering rectifier, a magnetic field is created in the air gap between it and the stator, which is called the rotor magnetic field or the main magnetic field. Then the stator or armature winding connected to the load will also create a magnetic field in this air gap due to the flow of the load current, which is called the stator or armature magnetic field. These two magnetic fields in the air gap naturally work together to form a combined magnetic field.

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There are many users of diesel generator sets, in order to save costs when purchasing diesel generator sets, they always calculate their own electricity load to the full. If your full load reaches 200KW, you just want to buy a 200KW diesel generator set, which is not desirable. The long-term full-load operation of the diesel generator set will cause considerable damage to the crankshaft of the cylinder engine, reducing the service life of the diesel generator set.

On the contrary, some customers are always afraid that the electricity generated by their diesel generator sets will not be enough for their own use, and always want to buy a large diesel generator set. For example, the actual load is only 30KW, but it is not advisable to buy a 200KW diesel generator set. First, such use causes a lot of waste and increases fuel consumption. Second, the diesel generator set has been in low-load operation for a long time, and the diesel fuel is not fully burned. After a long time, the carbon deposition of the generator set is serious, and the damage to the diesel generator set is also considerable.

The most correct choice should be: 0.8 times the output power of the diesel generator set, which is the actual output power of the diesel generator set. In this way, the diesel generator set can be kept from overload operation, and it can also be ensured that the diesel generator set will not run under low load for a long time. So as to prolong the service life of the diesel generator set.

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