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Maintenance Skills of Diesel Generator Set Maintenance

Nov. 02, 2021

What do you think of the maintenance techniques for diesel generator sets? Today we will answer whether the service life and reliability of diesel generator sets depend not only on the structural perfection and product quality of the diesel generator sets, but also whether they can be Correct use and careful maintenance are closely related. The diesel generator set as a backup power source is often on standby after being purchased by the user and will not be put into use immediately. Faced with this situation, how should the user operate and maintain it correctly. First of all, the diesel generator set should be kept clean and free from water leakage, oil leakage, gas leakage, and electricity leakage (four leakages). The components on the diesel generator set should be intact, the wiring should be firm, the instrumentation should be complete, the indication should be accurate, and there should be no loose screws.

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Secondly, before starting the machine, check whether the lubricating oil, cooling water, and diesel are sufficient, insufficient or deteriorated, and should be added or replaced in time. Generally, the machine runs for 250 hours to change the oil and 50 hours to clean the air filter. Other maintenance regulations are in accordance with the requirements of the user manual and regulations. The temperature of the machine room should not be lower than 5℃. If the temperature is too low, the heater should be turned on to heat the diesel generator set. The starting battery should always be in a stabilized floating state. Check the charging voltage and electrolyte level every month. Although diesel has a high ignition point, it is still a flammable and explosive substance, and it must be added when the diesel generator set is shut down. A large amount of toxic exhaust gas is generated during the operation of diesel generator sets. When the diesel generator sets are placed in the base station to generate power, the operator should not only pay attention to the ventilation and exhaust of the unit, and do not leave it in the engine room for a long time during power generation to avoid personal injury.

When the diesel generator set is in operation, assign a person on duty to observe the operation of the diesel generator set, add cooling water and fuel regularly, and pay special attention to the temperature, sound, vibration and instrument indications of the diesel generator set during operation. If an abnormality is found, then It should be shut down immediately for inspection. As the generator has high-speed running parts when the generator is running at high speed, do not approach the flywheel, belt, or the side of the connecting shaft or stand in the direction of its longitudinal line to avoid flying objects injuring people. No-load test machine once every half month, half-year load test machine, timely check diesel generator set lubricant, fuel, water level and battery, in order to ensure the stable, economical operation and output power quality of the diesel engine is qualified and stable, do not arbitrarily during operation Turn the load on and off.

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