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Maintenance Principles and Methods for Weichai Generator Sets Common Faults

Jul. 12, 2021

The normal operation of the Weichai generator is directly related to the normal production and supply of electricity. Therefore, we must understand the working principle, structure, use of adjustment and maintenance of the Weichai Power Generator. In order to prepare the correct processing method, the fault can be eliminated quickly and accurately. The following is introduced by the Starlight Electric Equipment for the majority of users to repair the maintenance principles and methods of Troubleshooting.

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1. The principle of maintenance

The fault of the Weichai generator set means the technical state of each part of the unit, and after working for a certain period of time, the allowable technical range is exceeded. In order to quickly and accurately exclude the unit failure, don't be dismantled until you can't figure out the cause of the failure. Analysis of the general principle of judging engine failure is: combined with constructive, contact principle, clarifying phenomena, contacting practical, from simple, fertilized; When the engine is working properly, when the unit does not output a voltage, the following maintenance principles should be adhered:

1) The line after the motor. First rule out the failure of the motor, then exclude other faults, because the motor is the foundation of the unit.

2) The main unit after the extension system. First exclude the failure of the auxiliary excitement, and then remove the fault of the main AC generator. Because the excitor does not generate electricity, the AC generator cannot work. If there is no sense of excitement, the excitation power source should be checked.

3) Automatically after manual first. First observe the manual working situation, and then observe the automatic work after manual, so you can quickly determine if the excitation regulator has failed. If there is no manual pressure regulation, first check the motion circuit.

4) Load first after loading. First make the individual indicators of the unit normally, then add the load, determine if there is a fault, such as the unit empty load is faulty, and it must work abnormally after loading.


2. Troubleshooting method

1) Segmentation method, during the fault analysis, often need to intermittently or partition the work of a certain or a system, thereby observing the change of the fault phenomenon, or makes the fault phenomenon dew more obvious, to determine the location of the fault or machine Part. When analyzing the engine failure, the commonly used cylinder method is one of the partition method, ie, sequentially stops the oil supply in order to check the cylinder, or according to the change of the fault, the resolution is partial part Sexual or universal. For example, it is found that the exhaust breaks will continue to smoke. After the operation is stopped, the fault phenomenon disappears, indicating that the fault location is in this cylinder, and the reason why the cylinder to produce this fault should be further analyzed; if each cylinder is broken, There is no significant change in the failure, indicating that this fault is not a fault of individual cylinders, and it should be found for the cause of work in each cylinder. When analyzing the electrical equipment failure, it is sometimes possible to use a partition method to temporarily completely completely complete it from the circuit to narrow the range of faults.

2) Comparative method, when analyzing the fault, if there is a question of a certain component, the components can be replaced with the comparative method of the phase partial. Depending on the change of the fault, it is determined whether or not the part is fault, or the portion where the fault occurs.


The above are the troubleshooting Principles and Methods of Weichai Power Generator for the user to introduce users, I hope to help everyone. As a professional Weichai generator set manufacturer, our company will have long-term technical consultation, guide installation, free debugging, free maintenance, unit transformation and training services. For more service, welcome to email us sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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