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Precautions for Maintenance of Silent Diesel Generators Vulnerable Parts

Sep. 14, 2021

When the diesel engine of the silent diesel generator is at a standstill, the diesel fuel in the fuel supply system cannot be sprayed into the combustion chamber as a mist, and the gas distribution system cannot complete the normal intake and exhaust of the diesel engine.

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Therefore, if you want the diesel engine to run on its own, you must use a starter. The function of the starter is to rely on the battery as a power source to drive the crankshaft of the diesel engine to rotate, so that the diesel engine enters the state of self-rotation. In the daily maintenance, how to check and repair the vulnerable parts of the starter.

Maintenance of brushes and brush holders: The height of the brush is generally about 20mm. If the amount of wear is less than 1/2 of the original height, a new brush of the same model should be replaced. After replacing the new brush, make sure that the contact area between the brush working surface and the commutator is more than 75%, and no jamming is allowed in the brush holder. If the contact surface does not meet the technical requirements, "0" fine sandpaper can be used to grind the brush working surface on the commutator surface to make it into an arc shape. The fixing screws of the brush wires must be tightened, and no looseness is allowed.

The magnetic field is checked and repaired by the coil: after the magnetic field coil is damaged, a multimeter can be used to detect its working condition. After the magnetic pole core is loose, the coil is loose or damaged due to other reasons, the old insulation can be slightly treated, re-wrapped with cloth tape, and then insulated. During the inspection, if there is an open or short-circuited coil, it is generally necessary to replace it with a new coil or rewind it.

Overhaul of the driving mechanism: For the driving mechanism, check whether the shift fork is damaged, whether the torsion spring is broken, cracked or reduced in elasticity, whether the teeth of the driving gear are damaged, and whether the movement on the shaft is flexible.

Maintenance of the rear cover: 2 of the 4 brushes on the rear cover are insulated from the cover, and the other 2 are grounded with the cover. The insulation resistance between the two adjacent brush holders should be greater than 0. 5 megaohms. If the insulation value is too small, the cause should be found out.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the silent diesel generator can run on its own and achieve good working conditions, Starlight Power believes that it is necessary to understand the daily maintenance knowledge of the vulnerable parts of the silent diesel generator engine, and hope that users can use and maintain the silent diesel generator rationally.

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