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Maintenance Methods for The Radiator of Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 20, 2023

The diesel generator sets manufacturer provides an introduction to the maintenance issues of diesel generator set radiators. For the repair of the upper and lower water chambers, if there is not much leakage in the upper and lower water chambers, they can be directly repaired with solder. If there is a large leakage, purple steel skin welding can be used for repair. When repairing welding, first apply a layer of solder to one side of the steel sheet and the leaking area. Place the steel sheet on the leaking area, and then heat it externally with a soldering iron to melt the solder and weld it firmly around it. For the repair of the radiator water pipe, if the outer water pipe of the radiator has a small break and the break is not large, a small amount of the heat sink near the water pipe can be removed with a pointed pliers and directly repaired with solder.

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If the break is large or the middle water pipe leaks, flexible methods such as pipe jamming, pipe blockage, connecting pipe, and pipe replacement should be used according to the specific situation. However, the number of stuck and blocked pipes should not exceed 10% of the total number of pipes to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect of the radiator. The specific repair method is as follows: pipe sticking. When the outer water pipe of the radiator has a large break or leaks on the back of the water pipe, the pipe sticking method can be used for welding repair. The method is to tear off the heat sink near the broken water pipe, cut off a section of the broken water pipe, and then weld the fracture of the lower water pipe and the position of the upper water pipe near the upper water chamber. Repair pipe: If the external water pipe has a large break and cannot be repaired by soldering, repair pipe welding should be used.

When repairing the pipe, a thin layer of soldering tin will be coated on one side of the selected thin copper sheet and the leaking area respectively. The thin copper sheet will be tightly adhered to the leaking area, and the edges will be welded firmly with a heated soldering iron. Replace the pipe, remove the welding at both ends of the upper and lower water chambers and the cracked water pipe, and shape the inside. Use a copper flat strip (with a section slightly smaller than the water pipe aperture and slightly longer than the water pipe), heat it until dark red, and insert it into the broken water pipe to remove the welding between the water pipe and the heat sink. Use a flat pliers to clamp the end of the water pipe and the copper strip, and pull it out along the direction of the heat sink opening. Then, insert the copper strip into the new water pipe, install the water pipe back into the radiator, and pull out the copper strip, And solder the two ends of the new water pipe and the upper and lower chambers firmly.

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