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Maintenance Method of Diesel Generator Set Test Bench

Oct. 09, 2021

Do you know what are the maintenance methods of the diesel generator set test bench? The maintenance of the diesel generator set test bench can range from the inspection and adjustment of the standard injector, the maintenance of the hydraulic continuously variable transmission, the maintenance of the fuel system, the maintenance of the gearbox, and the collection The maintenance of the oil pan will start in general, and today we will introduce them one by one. First, check and adjust the standard injector to ensure the test accuracy of the test bench, the opening pressure of the standard injector should be checked frequently. Its opening pressure is 17.5~17.7MPa. At the same time, check the uniformity of the oil output of each standard injector.

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The inspection method is: first adjust the opening pressure, and then use a certain plunger pair of the standard fuel injection pump on the test bench to check whether the flow is uniform under the same counting times, the same speed, and the same rack position. If there is a difference, it can be corrected by adjusting the opening pressure. If it cannot be corrected, replace the standard injector. The maintenance of the hydraulic CVT is to check the amount of hydraulic oil in the CVT frequently. The requirements and filling methods are described in the previous section.

The first oil change is after 200 hours of work, and every 1200 hours of work thereafter. The oil tank should be well sealed to prevent other oil, water and dirt from penetrating into the hydraulic CVT. The limit screws of the hydraulic oil pump and the oil motor cannot be turned at will, otherwise the hydraulic oil pump and the oil motor will be damaged. Before starting the diesel generator set, it is best to use a special wrench to rotate the dial until the motor and fuel pump rotate at the same time, then start the motor. Regarding the maintenance of the fuel system, the fuel used for the test should be replaced with new fuel every 400 hours of work or after 500 fuel injection pumps have been commissioned, and the fuel tank and filter should be cleaned with kerosene while replacing it.

Regardless of whether the handwheel of the pressure regulating valve and the vacuum valve rotates forward or reverse, it should not be screwed hard after it is screwed to the end to prevent damage to the parts. Adjustment of tightness of fuel pump drive belt. Loosen the 2 screws on the fuel pump mounting plate and move the mounting plate to adjust the tightness of the transmission belt. The bearing of the fuel pump pulley is filled with molybdenum disulfide grease every other year or so. The lubricating oil in the gearbox works for about 400h, or replace it every six months or so. During the operation of the test bench, it is strictly prohibited to shift gears to prevent damage to the continuously variable transmission and gearbox gears. The oil collecting ribs should be cleaned economically.

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