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Maintenance Method Of Diesel Generator Filter

May. 18, 2023

The filter of diesel generator set includes air filter, fuel filter and oil filter. They are very important and easily neglected vulnerable parts in diesel generator sets. Once the fault occurs, it is found that the reason is that the aging filter was not replaced in time. In order to avoid this situation, we should strengthen the maintenance of the diesel generator set filter, reduce the consumption of the machine, so as to extend the service life of the unit.


When installing the air filter, it is not allowed to omit, reverse, or install the sealing washers and rubber connecting pipes incorrectly, and ensure the tightness of the embedded parts. Using an oil bath air filter, clean the filter element with clean diesel fuel and replace the oil in it every 100-200 hours of operation. If the filter element is broken, it needs to be replaced immediately and attention should be paid to adding engine oil according to regulations during use. The paper dust collector air filter used should be cleaned of dust once every 50-100 hours of operation. The surface dust can be brushed off with a soft bristle brush. If the working time exceeds 500 hours or it is damaged, it should be replaced in a timely manner.


All kinds of fuel filter in the fuel supply system should be cleaned once every 100-200 hours of operation, and the fuel tank and all oil pipelines should be thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning the filter element and seals, special care should be taken and any damage found should be replaced promptly. During seasonal oil changes, all components of the entire fuel supply system should be cleaned. The diesel used should meet seasonal requirements and undergo 48 hours of precipitation purification treatment.


diesel generator set

If the oil filter is not maintained in time during the use of the diesel generator set, the filter element will be blocked, the oil pressure will increase, the safety valve will open, and the lubricating oil will flow directly into the main oil channel, which will aggravate the wear of the lubricating surface and affect the service life of the diesel generator set. Therefore, the oil filter should be cleaned every 180-200 hours. If damage is found, it should be replaced immediately to prevent impurities from entering the lubrication surface. When the diesel generator set is used in different seasons, the crankcase and all lubricating surfaces should also be cleaned by mixing engine oil, kerosene and diesel oil as washing oil. After the engine oil is drained, the washing oil can be added for cleaning. Then, the diesel generator runs at a low speed for 3-5 minutes. After that, the washing oil is drained and new engine oil is added.


The wearing parts of these three filters must be replaced when they are used for more than 500 hours, so as to better extend the service life of the diesel generator set.


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