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Maintenance Method for Leakage of Diesel Generator Cylinder Block

Jul. 28, 2022

When the diesel generator is repaired, first clean the cylinder block, and carefully observe whether there are cracks, blisters and other defects on the outside and inside of the cylinder block. Due to the limitations of various conditions, this method can only find serious cracks, and it is generally difficult to observe small cracks and blisters.

generator maintenance

The oil immersion method is to smear the tested part evenly during inspection, then wipe the kerosene with dry cotton yarn, and immediately sprinkle white powder on the tested part, and then observe, if there is a crack, the kerosene will penetrate into the white powder, and The location and size of the cracks are displayed. Practice has proved that although the oil immersion method can display cracks that cannot be observed by the naked eye, it is limited by the use environment and location. For example, the cylinder body has many unevenness and parts where parts are installed, so the oil immersion method cannot be used for detection.

For the effective inspection method of diesel generator cylinder block leakage, the hydraulic inspection method is commonly used. When checking by the hydraulic test method, first install the gasket of the cylinder head of the diesel generator on the cylinder block, except for a small hole to be connected with the water pipe of the press, all the other water channels and holes should be blocked. After everything is ready, turn on the switch of the hydraulic press, and under the pressure of 200KPa~392KPa for about 3 minutes, the size and location of the crack can be determined.

Once the diesel generator cracks or blisters are found, they should be repaired in time. The common methods of crack repair are as follows: arc repair welding method, patch plate method, riveting repair method and bonding method, etc. Among them, the arc method is one of the commonly used methods. Due to the strict technological requirements and difficulty in the welding process of iron castings Larger, in order to ensure the repair quality, a reasonable process must be developed.

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