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Maintenance And Replacement Cycle Of Diesel Generator Set Air Filter

Aug. 25, 2022

The air filter is an important part of the intake and exhaust system of the diesel generator set. It can filter out the dust and impurities in the air entering the diesel generator set, so as to ensure the clean air in the cylinder and reduce the wear between the cylinder and the piston, the piston group itself, and the parts of the valve group. The air filter is a very important part that is easily overlooked by users. Many users do not know when they need to be replaced. Often, after the generator set fails, it is found that it is caused by the failure to replace the aging air filter in time. In this article, the generator manufacturer Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will talk to you about the maintenance and replacement of the air filter at the same time.


After the diesel generator set air filter is used for a certain period of time, the filter element will become dirty, and the intake resistance of the air filter will also increase. When the power of the diesel engine is reduced or black smoke occurs, the exhaust temperature is high, and it is difficult to start, the air filter should be checked. When the air filter is used for 150~200 hours, it should be stopped for regular inspection, maintenance or replacement.


diesel generator set

The maintenance method of the diesel generator set air filter is as follows:


Loosen the end cap nut, take off the end cap, take out the filter element and place it on a clean ground and lightly beat or remove the dust with a brush, then compress the air (pressure not greater than 588kPa), and blow back from the inside to the outside for maintenance. Oil and water are strictly prohibited. Clean the filter.


The air filter element should be carefully inspected after maintenance:

The air filter element should be carefully checked after maintenance:

Put a light on the inside of the filter element to check, if the filter element paper is damaged, the end cap is degummed, etc., or after 5 to 6 times of normal use and maintenance, please replace the filter element.


Note: After the air filter element is maintained, pay attention to correct installation and do not miss any parts.


It is also worth noting that if the diesel generator set often works in harsh environments such as deserts and construction sites, the user should appropriately shorten its maintenance and replacement cycle. In a dry and sandy environment, it is easy for larger particles to enter between the piston and the cylinder, resulting in a serious "cylinder pulling" phenomenon of the diesel generator set, which affects the service life of the diesel generator set.


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