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Key Points for After Long Time Operation of Perkins Diesel Generator

Mar. 22, 2023

Customers familiar with Perkins diesel generator sets know that generating sets are relatively taboo to operate at high power for long periods of time, which can cause significant damage to the unit, unless it is a last resort. So if you really encounter this situation after operating the unit with high power for a long time, how do you maintain it to minimize the damage? Starlight believes that the following two aspects should be paid attention to when operating the Perkins diesel generator with high power for a long time.

perkins diesel generator set

Special attention should be paid to the air filter of the Perkins generator. The air filter is an insignificant but important component in the entire diesel generator set. After operating the generator set for a long time, especially in environments and regions with poor air quality, once the air filter is too dirty, it may cause serious mechanical accidents. When it is found that the operation of the generator set is abnormal, do not forcibly operate the diesel generator. Once started, the wear of the generator will increase, and in severe cases, the diesel engine will be scrapped. After shutdown, timely check the air filter on the generator and check whether the air filter of the Perkins generator is clogged to avoid shortening the service life of the diesel generator. Try not to operate the generator set with high power and poor environment for a long time, and check it every once in a while.

When running a Perkins diesel generator set for a long time, the internal combustion engine is also prone to malfunction. Experts suggest that after operating the diesel generator set at high power for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to a comprehensive inspection of the internal combustion engine, as the internal combustion engine is prone to safety hazards and failures after operating the Perkins diesel generator set at high power for a long time. If not detected and handled in a timely manner, over time, the generator set may be damaged.

Compared to the previous earthquake in Yunnan, China, diesel generator sets have played a crucial role in the rescue work. Due to the urgency of rescue time, the units must operate at high power for a long time to ensure the power supply in the disaster area. After the rescue work is completed and the power supply in the disaster area is restored, the relevant responsible person must carry out comprehensive maintenance on the unit, especially the two parts mentioned above, in order to minimize the damage caused to the unit by long-time high-power operation.

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