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Introduction of Diesel Engine Starting Air System of Generator Set

Sep. 06, 2022

Generally speaking, the diesel engine of the generator set itself does not have the ability to start by itself. To make the non-operating diesel engine turn, it is necessary to rely on external force to create the conditions for the diesel engine to obtain the first working stroke, that is, under the action of external force, air intake, compression, fuel injection, until the fuel combustion and expansion work can push the piston to rotate on its own. This process is called diesel starting. Starlight introduces the relevant functions and characteristics of the XJP diesel engine starting air system of the generator set.

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In order to ensure the start of the diesel engine, the external force driving the diesel engine must also make the diesel engine reach a certain speed. Because when the rotation speed is too low, the compression process is slow, and the heat dissipation of the gas to the cylinder wall and the leakage through the piston ring are more, resulting in a decrease in the temperature at the end of the compression. The temperature at the end of compression is low, which cannot meet the requirements of spontaneous combustion of fuel, and the diesel engine cannot rotate on its own. Usually, the minimum speed required to start the diesel engine is called the starting speed.

The size of the starting speed is related to the type of diesel engine, environmental conditions, technical status of the diesel engine, fuel quality, etc. Normally, it is also an important symbol to identify the starting performance of diesel engines.

In general, the compressed air system of the generator set diesel engine completes three functions:

1. Provide air source for diesel engine device control;

2. Under the starting condition, run the diesel engine with compressed air until the ignition is completed;

3. In the standby condition, fill the compressed air to start the gas cylinder to maintain the normal pressure when it is in standby.

To sum up, the compressed air starting system of the diesel engine of the generator set uses the external force on the piston to push the piston movement to make the crankshaft rotate. The system will introduce compressed air with a certain pressure into the cylinder during the working stroke according to the ignition sequence of the diesel engine, instead of the gas to push the piston, so that the diesel oil reaches the starting speed and completes self-ignition. The advantage of this starting method is that the starting energy is large, the starting is fast and reliable, and it is suitable for high-power diesel engines.

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