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Introduction Of Coolant Detection Method For Diesel Generator

May. 05, 2023

Regardless of size or function, diesel generator sets have one thing in common: they generate heat. Most diesel generator sets have many conductors. When the current flows through the conductors, all conductors will generate heat. This heat will quickly accumulate in the system and must be removed appropriately to reduce the risk of damage. If the heat is not properly discharged from the system, the winding can quickly be damaged. Many issues may arise, including clearance and balance issues. Diesel generator sets can significantly reduce heat through various cooling systems.


Check the coolant level of the diesel generator every day before starting or during shutdown.


When the diesel generator is working, its coolant temperature is high and there is pressure, which is easy to cause burns. After the diesel generator stops and the coolant temperature drops below 50 ° C, the coolant level can be checked or added.


Diesel generator set

Preservatives containing alkali in the coolant should be avoided from coming into contact with the skin and eyes to prevent injury.


(1) Before starting or after stopping the diesel generator, when the coolant temperature drops below 50 ° C, slowly loosen the pressure cap on the radiator or expansion tank to release the cooling system pressure.


(2) Remove the pressure cap of the diesel generator set and check the coolant level from the filling port or liquid level inspection port. The coolant level should be within the upper and lower scribed lines or meet the requirements of the equipment manufacturer.


(3) If necessary, add coolant. Add to close to the upper marking line or meet the regulations of the generator manufacturer.

Attention: When adding coolant, it should be slowly injected to prevent gas blockage.


If you want to check the coolant level, you can use these methods, such as removing the radiator cover to observe, checking the engine coolant channel, and observing the level of the cooling nightpot.


How to check the coolant?

1. Remove the radiator cap and observe. During the process, if you want to check if your coolant is too low, you can directly remove the radiator cap and see if the coolant level is at the top periphery of the radiator filling port. If the liquid level is too low, he needs to add coolant in a timely manner.


2. Check the coolant channel and carefully observe the radiator cap and the area around the radiator filler opening for excessive scale deposition or rust. If these problems occur, it is necessary to remove the engine hood in a timely manner, thoroughly clean the coolant channel, and then replace the coolant in a timely manner.


3. The level of the coolant tank. This is a relatively simple and direct method. This method is to turn off the engine, then open the hood and locate the coolant tank inside. After opening the lid, you can see the level of coolant in the liquid tank. If it is between the highest and lowest values, then the amount of coolant is more appropriate. If it is below the minimum value, it indicates that there is less coolant and new coolant needs to be added in a timely manner.


Coolant, also known as antifreeze coolant, has excellent antifreeze function. Using coolant during cold seasons can effectively prevent the coolant from freezing and cracking the radiator or freezing the engine block. Actually, coolant is not only used in winter, but also suitable for different seasons. The coolant has the function of preventing corrosion, boiling, and scaling.


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