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Internal And External Causes Of Diesel Generator Set Failure

Jan. 10, 2023

The diesel generator set is composed of engine, alternator and control box (panel). Among them, the engine is the power generation part of the unit, which is most prone to failure. Practice has proved that the causes of unit failure are various, but in the final analysis, there are two aspects: internal causes and external causes.


1. Internal reasons.

(1) Nature of materials and oil: During the design and manufacturing process, the materials shall be selected correctly according to the working nature and characteristics of the generator set parts. Improper selection of materials, non-conformity of materials and selection of inappropriate substitutes are the main reasons for wear, corrosion, deformation, fatigue damage, cracking and aging of parts. The properties of various materials and oils used in internal combustion engines can be summed up in three aspects: physical properties, chemical properties and mechanical properties. Many faults of internal combustion engine are the result of the influence of external factors and the effect of these properties. For example, metal materials will deform, crack or even break after being stressed too much, and will oxidize under high temperature, and will cause fatigue damage under various loads. Non-metallic materials will age. The acidic substances contained in the oil will corrode the metal and make the oil deteriorate.


(2) Structural characteristics of components: components of various systems of internal combustion engines have their own characteristics in structural form. In work, external factors often act through these characteristics, causing relevant parts to fail. For example, due to the structural characteristics of the engine water jacket, under the action of high temperature, the cooling water is easy to form scale on the outer wall of the cylinder liner, which will affect the cooling effect of the cylinder liner.


(3) Working characteristics of parts: wear occurs between parts that are in direct contact and have relative motion due to friction. For example, the live cold ring of the internal combustion engine is in direct contact with the cylinder. According to the working process, the piston ring makes high-speed reciprocating linear movement in the cylinder. For example, during the working process of the engine, the internal stress of the cylinder block and cylinder head is redistributed due to the effect of high temperature, and a new balance is reached, As a result, the cylinder block and cylinder head plane are warped and deformed.


2. External reasons.

(1) Improper use: the user did not use the machine according to the operating instructions. For example, frequent low-speed operation, rapid increase of load without warming up, and low oil pressure will accelerate the wear of machine parts. Too long working time, excessive load change, long-term overload operation, etc. will also cause premature damage of parts.


(2) Poor maintenance: during the maintenance of the machine, the work was not completed in strict accordance with the specified technical requirements, or the wrong operation method was adopted, resulting in human failure, etc. In the normal maintenance, the engine oil should be replaced in time, and the scale in the air filter and water tank should be cleaned regularly. Carry out daily maintenance and primary, secondary and tertiary maintenance of the machine as required.


generator set

(3) Poor repair quality: In the process of repair, if the processing is improper and the repair technical requirements are not met, such as improper fitting clearance (or surplus) of each part, insufficient surface roughness, and poor cleaning during assembly, the unit will fail during use. The mutual position accuracy of each part is also very important in the assembly process. If it fails to meet the requirements, it will cause additional stress, eccentric wear and other adverse consequences, and accelerate the failure of the machine parts.


Establishing a reasonable maintenance system and strictly implementing the technical maintenance and operation procedures of the generator set are important conditions for ensuring the reliable operation of the diesel generator set and improving its service life. In addition, the use and maintenance personnel should be trained regularly to improve their professional quality and level.


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