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Intelligent Development of Generator Set Controllers

Jul. 22, 2023

The application of generator set controllers in development has brought earth shaking changes to the intelligence of generator sets. Generator set controllers, like command centers, not only can safely start and stop generator sets, but also conduct full process monitoring and detection of the operation of generator sets, real-time data monitoring, and ensure the safe operation of generator sets within standard data, Once it is found that the operating data of the generator set exceeds the standard, it will immediately alarm and shut down for protection.

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The current configuration of AC generators for generator sets is a brushless AC generator set, and the main factor is that the price of such a brushless AC generator set is a bit cheaper. Low power AC generator sets have developed to all aluminum coil windings, and their all aluminum brush AC generator sets are cheaper in price. As the name suggests, a brushless AC generator set is a generator set with a combined excitation system of carbon brushes and copper rings.

The pressure adjustment of the carbon brush of the brush generator set is uneven, and it should be readjusted according to the specified pressure; The poor contact between the carbon brush and the lead wire should be rewired. The surface of the copper ring is uneven, with sand holes and pockmarks, which should be processed and ground flat; If the carbon brush is improperly selected or of poor quality, it should be replaced with the brush specified by the manufacturer. Improper maintenance of the copper ring and carbon brush, long-term failure to clean, and dirt on the surface of the slip ring should be cleaned regularly. If the maintenance quality of the generator set operator is not high or the brush adjustment is improper, the maintenance quality should be improved.

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