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Insulation Level Test for Perkins Diesel Generator Sets

Mar. 22, 2023

The generator of the Perkins diesel generator set has an insulation grade. In electrical equipment such as generators, the insulation material is the weakest link, and is prone to accelerated aging and damage due to the impact of high temperatures. Therefore, everyone should learn to test the insulation level to ensure good insulation performance. So, how exactly should I test it? Starlight introduces you to two methods:

Perkins generator

1. Electrometric method

Electrical measurement methods are divided into two types: pulse current method and radio interference method. Pulse current method is used to online detect the parameters of partial discharge during operation of Perkins diesel generator set, that is, partial discharge is the pulse current generated. The radio interference voltage method is used to detect electromagnetic radiation waves generated during partial discharge of a generator. Because pulse current method can calibrate the discharge core based on the equivalent circuit of partial discharge, and has high detection sensitivity, it is currently a commonly used method.

2. Non electrical measurement

Non electrical measurement is a method of detecting partial discharge of generator sets through acoustics and special gases, without the need to detect electrical parameters. There are two commonly used non electrical detection methods: one is ultrasonic detection. When a generator is partially discharged, it generates pulses with a frequency spectrum of about 1HM, but its acoustic signal is very soft. Ultrasonic detection converts its signal into an electrical signal and amplifies it for output. The other method is ozone, a concentration detection method, because ozone is the characteristic gas of generator corona. An ozone detection device is installed in the Perkins generator unit. By detecting the ozone concentration to determine the voltage status of the generator unit, the intensity of partial discharge status of the generator during operation can be determined, thereby effectively monitoring the insulation of the generator.

By conducting insulation level tests on Perkins diesel generator sets to determine whether their insulation performance meets equipment requirements, it can greatly avoid equipment leakage or short circuit accidents caused by aging insulation materials, and ensure the normal operation of diesel generator sets.

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