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Insufficient Power Troubleshooting of Silent Generator Sets

Oct. 12, 2021

The main feature of the silent generator set's insufficient power is the unstable operation at low speed, the exhaust pipe emits black smoke at high speed, and the sound is abnormal. When the silent generator set has not reached the overhaul period, the insufficient power is mainly caused by the failure of the fuel supply system and the insufficient compression force of the cylinder.

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Check the no-load first. If you increase the throttle and the maximum speed can be reached at no-load, the fault lies in the working machine. If the empty car speed does not go up, the fault lies in the diesel engine.

Check the temperature of the root of the exhaust manifold. If the temperature of a certain cylinder is low, the cylinder does not work or does not work well. Fingers can be used for touch inspection at low speeds, but not at high speeds to prevent finger burns. At this time, you can spit saliva to the root of the exhaust manifold. If the saliva does not make a "click" sound, the cylinder is malfunctioning.

Pinch the high-pressure oil pipe of the quiet generator set with your fingers. If the pulsation is strong and the temperature is higher than other cylinders, it means that the oil pump is good, and the fuel injector may be seized in the fully closed position or the pressure of the pressure regulating spring of the oil nozzle is too large; if the high-pressure oil pipe has weak pulsation , The temperature is consistent with other cylinders, which means that the fuel injector is seized or the pressure regulating spring is broken in the fully open position. If there is no pulsation in the high-pressure oil pipe at high speed and the temperature is higher than other cylinders, it indicates that the high-pressure oil pump is malfunctioning. If the exhaust pipe emits a smoke ring at low speed, it means that the outlet valve spring of the high-pressure oil pump is broken or the gasket is invalid. If the fuel system has no abnormal symptoms, the fault is poor compression of the cylinder.

In the operation of the silent generator set, if the blow-by under the oil port increases and the ambient oil smell is strong, the gap between the piston and the cylinder is too large and the seal is not good. If you use a screwdriver to turn the flywheel for two weeks when parking, and the number of times the hand feel resistance increases is not equal to the number of cylinders, you can judge that a certain cylinder has poor compression based on the hand feel. If there is a sound of air leakage at the junction of the cylinder head and the cylinder body, the ambient smoke is thick and there is a smoky smell, it means that the cylinder head gasket is leaking. If there is a metal knocking sound at the cylinder cover, which is related to the speed and is regular, it means that the gap between the rocker arm and the valve is too large. If there is a sound of air leakage at the cylinder head, at low speed, the temperature of the root of the intake manifold is high, and there is a sound of air leakage at the intake pipe when parking, it means that the intake valve is leaking; if the exhaust pipe emits black smoke at high speed, at night Flaming tongue in the exhaust pipe indicates that the exhaust valve is leaking.

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