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Install Outdoor Diesel Generators Requires a Silent Box

Jun. 06, 2022

Let us briefly introduce to you why the installation of outdoor diesel generators needs to be equipped with a silent box.

The installation of diesel generators has become an important thing in the production and operation of enterprises. With the continuous improvement of scientific and technological production level, many enterprises hope that they can have a diesel generator with good operation, high performance and good quality. There are also many places where diesel generator products must be used. The existence of diesel generator equipment has brought convenience to our production and life.

disel generator

For friends who have never used diesel generators, in addition to paying attention to how to operate normally, how can you save more fuel? How to maintain an outdoor diesel generator? How to check the safety hazards of outdoor diesel generators? In fact, when it comes to installing diesel generators outdoors, we must pay more attention, so that we can do it well. General mechanical equipment is indeed afraid of water seepage, but some diesel generators are specially designed for outdoor operation. It is designed for outdoor operation. In addition to the protective cover and the silent box, these two additional equipment take into account the outdoor waterproof, rainproof and dustproof, so there is no need to worry about its operation safety or affecting its lifespan.

The outdoor operation of diesel generators must install a rain shelter. First of all, regarding the diesel generators installed according to the formal requirements, when designing and manufacturing the generator manufacturers, consider all the environmental factors that may be encountered when storing outdoors, but there may be some sundries caused by the rainstorm. The user must regularly check the surrounding environment of the diesel generator to ensure the cleanliness of the operating environment.

The safety protection of outdoor diesel generators is mainly waterproof and rainproof. After all, diesel generator lines are afraid of water seepage. Pay more attention to outdoor use because you are afraid of improper management and safety protection of diesel generators. In rainy days or other factors, water enters the engine block from the smoke pipe. If water seeps, the water will not be discharged early, and the diesel generator will take a long time. Corrosion, the cylinder is very easy to leak oil. This is also one of the biggest concerns of many customers about diesel generators, because they are afraid of oil leakage. When storing diesel generators outdoors, you should also pay special attention to storing diesel generators in a ventilated and dry place.

If the diesel generator is stored outdoors and exposed to the sun and rain, it is extremely harmful to the life of the diesel generator. The most practical is to be equipped with a protective cover, so that the diesel generator prevents damage to the body. Guarantee the above aspects, safe outdoor storage and operation of diesel generators. Diesel generator manufacturers recommend that you buy a rainproof shelter, or to prevent noise pollution, you can also buy a silent box if conditions permit. At the same time, according to the seasonal weather temperature, increase the antifreeze.

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