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Inspection Of Piston Ring Leakage And Elasticity Of Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 02, 2023

1、 Inspection of piston ring leakage.

The piston ring must fit with the cylinder wall everywhere in order to effectively play a sealing role. Therefore, when selecting the piston ring, the light leakage should be checked.


The inspection method is usually to place the piston ring flat in the cylinder, put a light bulb under the piston ring, put a cover plate on it to cover the inner circle of the ring, and observe the light leakage gap between the ring and the cylinder wall.


The general requirements are as follows.

① The light leakage clearance of piston ring shall not exceed 0.03mm.

② The length of light leakage arc shall not be greater than 30 ° at any point on the circumference.

③ The light leakage on the same ring shall not exceed 2, and the total arc length shall not exceed 60 °.

④ Light leakage is not allowed within 30 ° around the ring end opening.


diesel generator set

2、 Check the elasticity of piston ring.

In order to ensure the close fit of piston ring and cylinder, piston ring should have certain elasticity. If the elasticity is too large, it will produce too much pressure on the cylinder wall, increase the friction loss, and the cylinder wall is prone to early wear. If the elasticity is too small, the piston ring can not play a good sealing role in the cylinder, and it is easy to cause gas leakage and oil leakage in the cylinder.


The elasticity of the piston ring can be checked on the elasticity tester. During inspection, place the piston ring in the groove of the tester, with the opening of the ring outward, and then move the heavy hammer on the lever to press the opening gap of the piston ring to the specified size according to the required force. If the load meets the data specified in the technical specification, the elasticity of the piston ring is considered qualified.


If there is no tester, use the new and old comparison method, put the old piston ring and the new ring vertically together, and apply a certain pressure on the ring. If the opening of the old piston ring being inspected collides with each other and there is a considerable gap between the opening of the new piston ring, it means that the old ring is not elastic enough and should be replaced.


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