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Inspection Items for Damaged Parts of Volvo Generator Set After Cleaning

Sep. 15, 2021

After all the parts of Volvo generator sets have been cleaned, they must be inspected one by one to understand and grasp the actual technical status of the parts in order to accurately decide whether to repair or replace them. Below, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce the inspection items of damaged parts of Volvo generator sets after cleaning for the general users reference.

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Inspection items of damaged parts

(1) The size and the degree of wear of the parts, such as the length, height, diameter of the parts, the wear of the camshaft and the wear of the crankshaft bearing, the wear of the plunger and the sleeve, the oil valve and the valve seat The amount of wear, the amount of wear of the fuel injection nozzle and the needle body, the amount of wear of the camshaft of the fuel injection pump, etc.

(2) The geometric shape of the parts, such as the degree of curvature, torsion, taper and ovality of the parts, etc.

(3) The relative position of the surface of the parts, such as perpendicularity, concentricity and parallelism.

(4) The characteristics of the materials used in the parts, such as the hardness, toughness and rubber aging degree of the materials used in the parts.

(5) Broken, burned and broken parts of parts.

(6) The weight and balance of parts, such as the weight difference of a set of pistons, the weight difference of a set of connecting rods, the weight difference of each crank in the combined crankshaft, the weight difference and balance between each fan blade, etc.

(7) Internal defects of parts, such as internal cracks, blisters, structural strength and weld defects of parts.

(8) The relative relationship between the parts, such as the fit clearance, meshing clearance and tightness between the parts.

(9) The external surface condition of the parts, such as cracks, peeling, smoothness, strain, corrosion and pitting.

(10) The bonding strength between the surface material of the parts and the metal, such as the bonding strength of the spray coating, electroplating layer, surfacing layer and metal on the parts.

The above ten points are the inspection items summarized by Starlight Power Equipment about the damaged parts of the Volvo generator set after cleaning. The maintenance master should understand the points of attention in detail, so as not to omit the inspection items, cause irreversible damage to the generator set, and affect the normal operation of the generator set. run.

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