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Influence of Hydraulic Pressure and Speed on Diesel Generator Set

May. 11, 2023

The solenoid valve installed in the fuel injector of the generator set controls the fuel injection quantity and timing of the generator set. The fuel injection pressure of the generator set is directly determined by the pressure of the common rail, or the fuel from the common rail is pressurized by the booster piston of the generator set fuel injector.

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The common rail electronic fuel injection system of the generator set can simultaneously control the fuel injection quantity, timing, pressure, and rate of the generator set, and can achieve high-pressure injection of the generator set to meet emission requirements. At the same time, when used on diesel engines with traditional high-pressure fuel pumps, high-pressure fuel pipes, and injectors, the structural changes are minimal.

The fuel flow in the generator set system involves passing the fuel through a filter, oil pump (low pressure), and fuel manifold to the fuel injector. In the fuel system, the high-pressure fuel flows, and the high-pressure fuel pipe is canceled, which can prevent the compressibility of the diesel oil of the generator set and the elasticity of the fuel pipe from fluctuating the stroke pressure in the fuel pipe, which may cause the closed needle valve of the generator set to reopen, resulting in abnormal combustion of secondary injection, and incomplete combustion.

Electronic control fuel injection supply technology of diesel generator set internal combustion engine fuel system. Due to the particularity of fuel supply system, diesel generator set uses high-pressure (10~120MPa) injection method when fuel is supplied to diesel generator set cylinder, which technically changes the original fuel supply method of diesel generator set compared with gasoline engine, which is more difficult. In fact, diesel generator set has less pollution than gasoline engine, Especially for smoke exhaust and its carbon oxides.

The electronic control injection technology of diesel generating set and the electronic speed regulation technology have both similarities and fundamental differences, that is, the electronic injection of diesel generator set also has useful electrical signals to control the injection time and injection pressure, completely canceling the mechanical structure in the fuel system of diesel generator set.

The diesel generator set injector is composed of solenoid valve, lifting valve acidification enhancement piston, injector assembly, etc. The injection power of the diesel generator set injector comes from hydraulic energy, and the piston and plunger in the diesel generator set injector are controlled by hydraulic pressure and speed.

At the same time, the fuel injection quantity is controlled by the width of the pulse sent by the ECM to control the opening and closing time of the solenoid valve in the injector of the diesel generator set. When the solenoid valve is energized, lift the valve to open its valve seat, and the high-pressure oil will push the piston and plunger of the diesel generator set down to the lowest position. When the ECM outputs a signal to disconnect the fuel supply of the injector to the acidification enhancement piston, the high-pressure oil in the acidification enhancement piston will be discharged into the rotating empty slot, The plunger spring of the diesel generator set pushes the acidification strengthening piston and plunger back to their original positions. When the plunger of the diesel generator set moves upward, the fuel valve of the diesel generator set is examined, and the low-pressure fuel begins to be injected into the plunger disc.

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