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Independence of Backup Power Supply Connection

Jul. 05, 2023

The connection of the standby power supply shall ensure its independence and have sufficient power supply capacity. It is better to be closely connected with the power system of Cummins diesel generator. In case of power failure in the whole plant, the auxiliary power supply can still be obtained from the system as soon as possible. From different sections of the voltage bus of Cummins diesel generator, it is connected through the auxiliary standby transformer (or reactor), and from the lowest voltage bus closely connected with the power system of Cummins diesel generator. In this way, it is possible to increase the investment in Cummins diesel generator high-voltage distribution equipment due to the use of high voltage auxiliary transformers, but the reliability of power supply is also improved accordingly.

standby generator set

It shall be led from the low-voltage winding of the interconnection transformer, but it shall be ensured that sufficient power capacity can be obtained when the Cummins diesel generator stops completely. When the technology and economy are reasonable, the Cummins diesel generator can be connected to the special line from the external power grid, and the independent standby power or starting power can be obtained through the auxiliary standby transformer. The auxiliary low-voltage standby power supply is generally connected from different sections of the high-voltage auxiliary bus, and the auxiliary low-voltage standby power supply is obtained through the special auxiliary low-voltage standby Cummins diesel generator transformer.

Originally, it mainly refers to Cummins diesel generator, gasoline generator, etc., which were used as backup Cummins diesel generator power equipment when the early UPS did not appear and when the city power was interrupted. However, after the emergence of UPS, because Cummins diesel generator UPS has more advantages, it has rapid dynamic response, stable output regulation, can eliminate the external adverse effects of absorbing power supply, and protect the electrical equipment of Cummins diesel generator, UPS gradually occupies a large proportion of contemporary standby power supply.

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