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Important Operations For Stable Operation Of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 30, 2022

Nowadays, the popularization and application of emergency standby diesel generator sets has involved many units and production enterprises. The safe, stable and reliable performance of diesel generator sets can enable the majority of users to survive even in the event of a sudden power failure. Emergency standby diesel generator sets are on standby most of the time and will only be restarted when needed. Then in order to ensure that the diesel generator set can be started quickly and stably, the user should remember the following important operations.


Regular preventive maintenance.

Generator manufacturers often provide guidance on how often to perform maintenance on diesel generators and the type of maintenance that needs to be performed for optimum performance. In general, regular maintenance involves cleaning, inspecting and lubricating the components of the generator and running it to ensure it is functioning properly. Also check the exhaust system and any connections and gaskets for wear. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of diesel generators.


Have plenty of supplies on hand.

Armed with oil, filters, and basic maintenance and repair supplies and tools, it's easy to perform preventive and scheduled maintenance, as well as make minor repairs or adjustments, to keep your diesel generator running properly. It is easy to put off maintenance when it is discovered that the required materials are not available. Be as convenient as possible by keeping a good stock on hand.


Protect diesel generators during "downtime".

For long-term storage, change the oil and filter, and follow any other instructions in the owner's manual for fuel, gaskets, and connections. Adding fuel stabilizer helps prevent sticky buildup in the engine or fuel tank.


Diesel generators are optimized for the weather.

Temperature changes can lead to the need for oils of different viscosities to help diesel generator components stay lubricated and avoid harmful friction. Very cold weather can cause the oil to thicken, so it might make sense to switch to a lower viscosity oil. Check the operator's manual for guidelines on diesel generator equipment.


Run diesel generators occasionally, even when not needed.

Running diesel generators regularly throughout the year can help identify problems early and keep the system properly lubricated to extend motor life. Additionally, the heat generated by the generator motor prevents moisture build-up that can cause components to break down and lead to rust.


Follow manufacturer's guidelines.

Different diesel generators have different maintenance requirements and operating guidelines that change over time. Don't think you "know everything" just because you've used a generator in the past. Take some time to read your manual and learn about your diesel generator, how it works and the little signs that it may need maintenance or repair during its operation.


diesel generator

Do not overload the generator.

Look carefully at the power rating of the diesel generator. Make sure not to connect too much equipment to the generator. While most generators will trip or close circuit breakers when overloaded, some can continue to run and overheat.


Buy good diesel fuel.

Inexpensive fuel requires a lot of fuel maintenance. Spend a few extra cents and buy premium diesel fuel for your generator. It will run better and help protect components from damage that poor quality fuel can cause.


Dispose of bad fuel.

As diesel fuel ages, it is exposed to oxygen, water, dirt and other pollutants. The asphaltene content also becomes unstable and deposits on the bottom of the tank. This sludge can quickly clog the unit's fuel system. Diesel begins to degrade rapidly at about six months, and after a year it becomes much less useful.


Check the oil regularly and change it.

Be sure to check the oil every 100 hours of operation. Again, run a new generator for at least 20 hours, then change the oil before storing it.


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