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Importance of Injector Inspection for Silent Diesel Generators

Jun. 02, 2022

It should be known that the blockage of the injector will affect the fuel supply effect of the silent diesel generator, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of the silent diesel generator. Therefore, the inspection of the injector is very important, and it needs to be carried out according to the steps. The inspection steps of the injector of the silent diesel generator are divided into several steps:

Silent type generator

Connect the removed silent diesel generator fuel injector to the calibration bench, then press the handle up and down to check the fuel injection pressure of the injector. If it is found that the injection pressure of the injector is too low or too high, fix the injector on a bench vise, then remove the protective cap and loosen the pressure regulating lock nut, and then connect the injector to the Adjust the pressure adjusting screw on the calibration table and use a screwdriver.

After the fuel injector coupler is taken out, put it into the diesel oil and twitch the needle valve back and forth to clean the debris. If the needle is stuck in the needle valve body, use a soft cloth to wrap it around the tail of the needle valve, and then use pliers to pull out the needle valve; the oil hole inside the needle body can be dredged with steel wire; the needle valve and needle body can be visually inspected The mating surface of the pair should be uniform in color, damage and rust. If the failure of the injector cannot be eliminated after adjustment, the injector should be fixed on a vise, and the tightening cap should be removed with a tool to take out the injector coupler. If it is difficult to remove due to the corrosion of the tight cap, the injector should be soaked in diesel or gasoline for about 10 minutes, and then disassembled.

Before use, it is very important to check the silent diesel generator. During the inspection, we should pay attention to a series of inspection items. For example, the repair of the injector of the silent diesel generator is generally carried out on the calibration bench. The main inspection items are the injection pressure of the injector, the atomization quality, the injection angle and the tightness of the needle valve.

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