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Implementation Technology of Yuchai Diesel Engine 6K Series T3 Product

Nov. 29, 2023

The Yuchai diesel engine 6K series T3 product has low speed high torque/medium speed equal torque/high speed equal power, and superior dynamic response performance. The 6K dynamic response can reach up to 2S, while competitors generally have 4S or above, with significant differences. This article focuses on the strong power of the Yuchai diesel engine 6K series T3 product, which is explained by Dingbo Company.

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Implementation Technology 1: Flexible Torque Control Technology

According to the usage conditions and purpose of the engine, torque adjustment can be achieved according to demand.

1) Steady state performance can be classified according to usage, including standard load highways, heavy-duty highways, coal transportation, and mining applications.

2) The 420 horsepower diesel engine can achieve dynamic torque adjustment between 2100~2300Nm.

Implementation Technology 2: Rapid Dynamic Response Technology

Dynamic response is the core element that determines the actual power performance of a product

1) High dynamic and low inertia specialized turbocharger developed according to different horsepower

2) The high inflation efficiency of four valves ensures timely response

3) The development of a 32 round high eddy current rapid combustion system ensures excellent responsiveness

Implementation Technology Three: High Power Manufacturing Guarantee Technology

Inspect based on the core components and parameters of power to ensure consistent power for all engines.

1) Considering casting differences, 100% airflow coefficient detection and adjustment are carried out to ensure engine consistency.

2) 100% cold testing to ensure high consistency in mechanical losses.

3) 100% top dead center measurement technology ensures that the timing of each machine's gas distribution phase is completely consistent.

4) The only manufacturer in the country that conducts dynamic performance control, ensuring superior dynamic response for each unit.

5) The cylinder liner protrusion height and piston volume control range are half of the general tolerance values in China, ensuring consistent compression ratios.

Good products not only stem from conceptual design and thorough product development, but also from specialized manufacturing technology development and adaptive development, which are the core means of achieving selling points. The strong power performance of the Yuchai diesel engine 6K series T3 product is precisely derived from the flexible torque control technology, fast dynamic response technology, and high power manufacturing guarantee technology mentioned above.

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