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Hydraulic Governor of Tongchai Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 13, 2022

The hydraulic governor of Tongchai diesel generator set has a relatively complex structure and is composed of multiple components. Due to the cumbersome governor and large friction resistance in the past, which respond to the decline of the speed governing performance of the unit, hydraulic booster mechanism is now used. The hydraulic governor used by Tongchai diesel generator set mainly consists of the following parts.

diesel engine generator

(1) Driving mechanism

The driving shaft is driven by the camshaft of the diesel engine through the bevel gear, and the flying weight is rotated by the oil pump gear, elastic shaft, transmission gear and flying weight frame, so as to transmit the speed signal of the diesel engine to the induction mechanism.

(2) Speed sensing mechanism

It is composed of flying weight, tapered speed regulating spring and speed regulating rod to feel and react to the change of speed.

(3) Servo amplifier

It is composed of control slide valve, control slide valve sleeve, power piston and related oil circuit. It is used to amplify the output energy of the induction mechanism. The sleeve is driven to rotate by the drive shaft.

(4) Regulating mechanism

It is composed of power piston, output shaft and oil regulating rod, which is used to pull the regulating rod to adjust the oil supply.

(5) Constant speed (elastic) feedback mechanism

It is mainly composed of a large feedback piston, a small feedback piston, an upward feedback spring, a compensation needle valve, a feedback lever, a movable fulcrum, a feedback pointer, a feedback oil circuit, etc. Its function is to ensure the speed stability in the speed regulation process.

(6) Speed droop (static speed difference) mechanism

It is mainly composed of speed droop (stable speed regulation) knob, cam, ejector rod, tension spring, support pin, speed droop rod, speed droop pointer, etc. It is a rigid feedback mechanism, which can not only stabilize the regulation process, but also adjust and stabilize the speed regulation rate to meet the requirements of regulation stability and parallel operation.

(7) Speed setting mechanism

It is composed of two parts: one is composed of speed regulating knob, transmission gear and speed regulating gear; The second is composed of speed regulating motor and turbine reducer. The former is used for manual adjustment in front of the governor, and the latter is used for remote adjustment at the switchboard, which can change the stable speed of the diesel engine by changing the preload of the spring.

(8) Load limiting mechanism

It is composed of load limit knob, load limit pointer, load limit cam, control lever, emergency stop lever, limit lever, limit pin, rack, gear, load pointer, etc. It is used to limit the refueling stroke of the power piston. Press the emergency stop lever to lift the slide valve, and the power piston will go down for oil reduction and stop. However, this lever is only used in governor test, not in diesel engine operation. However, a safety parking aid device can be installed above it to protect the diesel engine.

(9) Hydraulic system

It is composed of low pressure oil pool, gear pump, pressure stabilizing oil cylinder, pressure stabilizing piston and relevant oil circuit, used to generate and maintain the specified oil pressure.

The above parts are the components of the hydraulic governor of Tongchai diesel generator set. They have the advantages of high speed regulation accuracy and fast speed. However, the structure of the hydraulic governor of Tongchai diesel generator set is relatively complex, so the use cost is relatively high. If there is a fault, the maintenance cost is also high.

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