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How to Solve The Voltage Instability of Cummins Diesel Generator Set?

Nov. 10, 2021

Do you know how to solve the voltage instability of Cummins diesel generator set? As a kind of power equipment, Cummins diesel generator set plays a very important role. Therefore, once problems occur, they must be solved in time, such as voltage instability, then what should be done at this time Woolen cloth? The performance of voltage instability is very obvious, there will be temporary high and temporary low phenomena. If you want to solve it in time, you must first find out the reason. The professional Cummins diesel generator set manufacturer will analyze the cause for you and share the solution with you. There are four general reasons for high voltage: high speed, too large air gap of shunt reactor iron core, short circuit of magnetic field varistor, and runaway. For these four problems, the corresponding solutions are as follows.

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Faced with the problem of excessively high speed, we only need to reduce the opening of the hydro-turbine hydrofoil; the core breath of the reactor can be adjusted by the thickness of the core gasket; when the magnetic field rheostat is short-circuited, usually Incidentally, it will cause voltage regulation failure. At this time, find the short-circuit point in time and eliminate it directly. Speeding is a more common problem. The first point of encountering such a problem is to stop the emergency and then deal with the accident. Note that no matter which of the above problems, if you are not sure that you can solve it, you must find professional maintenance personnel in time to avoid affecting the work progress. The voltage is too low, there are many reasons for this kind of problem, and I will describe them one by one.

The reason why the speed of the prime mover is too low is relatively intuitive, and its processing is relatively simple. You can directly adjust the speed of the prime mover to the rated value; the position of the exciter motor brush is deviated, which generally means that it is not at the center line position, the most likely The reason is that the spring pressure is insufficient. At this time, adjust the brush to the correct position, replace it, and then adjust the pressure; the resistance of the excitation circuit is too large, which can be solved by reducing the resistance of the magnetic field rheostat; the contact surface of the brush is small, Not only will the voltage be too low, but there will also be a problem of poor contact. At this time, we consider that because the surface of the commutator is not polished, it should be polished with emery cloth at low speed. In addition, the breakdown of the rectifier diode will also cause voltage instability. At this time, timely inspection and replacement is the best solution.

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