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How to Solve The Fault of Diesel Generator Set?

Oct. 15, 2021

How do you solve the problem of a diesel generator set? The characteristics of a runaway fault. The so-called runaway refers to a speed that greatly exceeds the technical index. The speed of the diesel generator set is out of control. Before speeding, the exhaust gas from diesel fuel flying there will generally emit blue smoke, burn engine oil, and the speed will be unstable. The characteristic of sticking cylinder failure is that sticking cylinder usually occurs when the diesel generator set is severely short of water. Before sticking the cylinder, the engine is running weak, the water temperature gauge indicates more than 100℃, and a few drops of cold water are dripped on the body with a "hissing" sound. And emit white smoke, and the water droplets quickly evaporate.

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The omen of the failure of the ramming cylinder is that the ramming cylinder is a more destructive mechanical failure. Except for the cylinder ramming caused by the valve cylinder, most of them are caused by the loosening of the connecting rod bolts. After the connecting rod bolts are loosened or stretched, the connecting rod bearing The fit clearance increases. At this time, you can hear a "click" knocking sound at the crankcase. The knocking sound changes from small to louder. The rear connecting rod bolts completely fall off or break off, and the connecting rod and bearing cover are thrown out, breaking the body. And related parts. The warning signs of tile burning failure are that the speed of the diesel generator set suddenly decreases, the load increases, the engine emits black smoke, the oil pressure drops, and the "chirp" dry friction sound occurs in the crankcase.

The feature of broken shaft failure is that when a hidden crack occurs at the shoulder of the crankshaft journal of a diesel generator set due to fatigue, the failure symptoms are not obvious. As the crack expands and worsens, a dull knocking sound occurs in the engine crankcase and the speed changes. When the knocking sound intensified, the engine emits black smoke. Soon, the knocking sound gradually increased, the engine jittered, the crankshaft broke, and the engine stalled. The precursor feature of the cylinder pulling failure is that the exhaust pipe is suddenly extinguished due to severe black smoke, and the crankshaft cannot rotate. At this time, the diesel generator set can no longer be started to work, but the cause should be found out and eliminated.

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